Presenting Box Sign: Seamless e-signatures right where your content lives

Presenting Box Sign

You asked, we delivered.

Today, we’re excited to launch Box Sign, bringing natively integrated e-signatures to the Content Cloud — the #1 request from Box customers. Earlier this year, we acquired a leading e-signature innovator to rapidly accelerate the development of this capability, and with Box Sign, we’re delivering a seamless and feature-rich e-signature experience that’s unmistakably Box.  Even better, we’ll be providing unlimited web signatures at no additional cost to Box customers with Business and Enterprise plans, in a phased customer rollout that begins today.

Presenting Box Sign

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Starting today, Box Sign will roll out gradually over the coming months to all Business, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Suites customers at no additional cost
  • All plans listed above will have access to unlimited signatures when sending documents for signature using the Box web application
  • These plans will also include an allocation of documents to send for signature using third-party and custom applications

Keeping our customers front and center isn’t a habit; it’s an obsession. And it guided every step that went into developing  Box Sign. Over the past year, we’ve heard from many Box customers about their pain points with standalone e-signature tools — from content fragmentation across siloed tools, to security gaps that introduce business risk, to costly renewal cycles and hidden costs. 

With Box Sign, you get e-signatures seamlessly integrated into Box, at no additional cost — no content silos, no security gaps, no disconnected user experiences, and no hidden fees.  

Box Sign capabilities

Box Sign delivers a rich set of features to address the most common e-sign use cases:

  • Sign and/or request signatures on 40+ file formats
  • Anyone can sign a document, even if they don’t have a Box account
  • Use standard signing fields and reusable templates for common processes
  • Get real-time tracking, email reminders, and deadline notifications
  • Apply serial and parallel document routing, so multiple users can sign a document sequentially or simultaneously
  • Leverage security controls including signer authentication via email and a tamper seal indicator 
  • Generate and send NDAs, contracts, and more directly from Salesforce
  • Extend the power of e-signatures with Box Sign’s open APIs
  • Secure and compliant signatures since Sign inherits Box’s security and compliance profile, including HIPAA, SOC, ISO, FedRAMP, and more
Presenting Box Sign

Box Sign in the Content Cloud

At Box, our mission is to power how the world works together. And at the heart of all work is content — the documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and countless other formats that hold an organization’s collective knowledge. As work moves to hybrid, flexible models, more business processes are becoming digitized and moving to the cloud — which in turn highlights the need for a single, integrated Content Cloud to manage it all.

Box Sign completes our Content Cloud vision by adding e-signatures to the content lifecycle. Think about the way you finalize a statement of work, close a deal, or onboard a new employee — each of these processes involves valuable, often sensitive content that must be secured, shared, and ultimately finalized with a signature.

Introducing Enterprise Plus

And now, we’re making it easier than ever for customers to get access to everything that the Content Cloud has to offer, in one simple plan. Today, we are doubly excited to launch Enterprise Plus, building on our highly popular Digital Suites offering. Enterprise Plus includes all major add-ons: Box Shield, Box Governance, Box Relay, Box Platform, and the most advanced e-signature capabilities of Box Sign. Enterprise Plus is available to both new and current Box customers starting today. Box Digital Suites customers have the option to remain on their current plan or upgrade to Enterprise Plus at no additional cost.

To learn more about Box Sign and see a live demo, join our webinar on Aug. 5: Box Sign: A smarter way to sign, secure, and save. And don’t forget to ask your account team about Enterprise Plus. 

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