Boxers Debrief: Lesbians Who Tech Summit SF

At Box, we know that building a diverse team is critical to our success as the cloud content management platform for the future. We're committed to connecting with a range of professionals who will help us identify blind spots, build a better product, and contribute something unique to our open and inclusive workplace.

The Lesbians Who Tech Summit gave us a chance to learn from some of tech's greatest minds and to connect with some incredible talent. The Summit kicked off with inspiration from leaders like Leanne Pitsford, the Founder of Lesbians Who Tech, and Megan Smith, the 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

To recap the rest of the conference, here are some accounts from Boxers that attended:

"I’m a new employee, and on my second day on the job, a colleague invited me to join a group of Boxers at Lesbians Who Tech. I jumped at the chance, because I’ve been searching for ways to learn from other women in this industry. That cheerful spirit of inclusion I felt from my colleague extended throughout the weekend at the Summit, through executive-led sessions focused on female empowerment, finding mentors, and pushing for progress in a largely straight and male-dominated industry. All in all, I left the event feeling more hope and excitement for the future of my career than I’ve felt in years." - Meghan

"Attending Lesbians Who Tech Summit made me feel supported by my manager and stronger in my connections within Box's queer community. By witnessing and meeting so many successful queer-identified women, I am inspired to stay true to my own identity and empower those around me to do the same. I am so grateful that I'm in a company and industry that embraces diversity and seeks to establish unity. This conference was a fitting tribute to Box's corporate value of 'bring your wacky self to work' - it allowed us to be comfortable in our own skin." - Audrey

We want our LBTQ+ Boxers to know that we're committed to hiring, retaining, and developing incredible talent from all backgrounds because we know it makes us better as a whole.

For more information on Lesbians Who Tech, visit their website here: