Boxer Spotlight: Sheldon Spring, Implementation Analyst

Sheldon Springs

Fall is an exciting time for many new grads who are looking to begin their careers with their very first full-time roles outside of college! At Box, we are fortunate to have an incredible community of young professionals on our teams who are making a huge difference in how we build our products, serve our customers, and transform the way the world works together. 

In order to better understand what makes our new grad experience so unique, we recently had the pleasure of (virtually) sitting down with one of our New Grad Boxers, Sheldon Spring, to talk how he's been empowered to champion his career. As a recent graduate of the University of Washington, Seattle, Sheldon joined Box as an Implementation Analyst last year. He currently works out of our Austin, TX office and was kind enough to answer some of our most burning questions below:

What does a typical day in your #LifeatBox look like? 

Most of my days include customer-facing work where I'm either thinking through potential solutions with our product, collaborating with other team members on a project, or actually speaking with customers firsthand and walking them through how to incorporate Box into their business. My remaining time centers around my work with the Box Asian Pacific Islanders Employee Resource Community, as well as other internal initiatives where I am helping further develop specific aspects of the Box Consulting department.

How have you grown personally and professionally in your role?

My role has allowed for a ton of development, namely because of the level of responsibility that is involved with being a part of Implementation Consulting at Box. Personally, I have learned to consistently trust myself and my skillset in order to drive confidence in my role and stave off the sometimes lingering effects of imposter syndrome. In terms of professional growth, I have established much more effective project management and team leadership abilities, which have been applicable to many other areas of my life outside of my role-specific activities.

What's the biggest learning you've had in your role so far?

My biggest lesson from my role is to not feel ashamed or inadequate when asking for help. Entering into a full-time role brings with it a lot of challenges and coinciding questions, and asking for help after spending a period of time attempting to locate a solution is totally natural and can get you to an answer much quicker.

Why Box?

As cliche and often-cited as this response is, I truly decided to go with Box for the people that make up this organization. While the work that I am doing day-to-day is mentally challenging and forces me to (for lack of a better term) think outside of the Box, it is my coworkers and fellow Boxers that have made my experience so memorable. Every Boxer that I have had the opportunity to interact with approaches their work with a level of enthusiasm that is inspirational, and I am constantly appreciative of the opportunity to work alongside individuals who are so knowledgeable and down-to-earth.

What advice do you have for other new grads who are about to start their first full time role outside of college?

Try and take a very holistic approach when considering a career post-grad. There are a host of factors that are involved in choosing your first job out of college (location, compensation, opportunities for learning, etc.), and making a list of these details and prioritizing them can be a very beneficial and even cathartic experience. This process really helped me in choosing a role, but also in determining what to focus on and emphasize in terms of growth and development once I started working.

What is your favorite quarantine hobby? 

Paddle-boarding has become a much larger interest for me since quarantine started! It's a really great physical activity that allows for ample social distancing!

Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your world, Sheldon. Shine on! 

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