Box and IBM showcase partnership momentum at IBM Think 2019

Enterprises today operate in a complex global environment where employees, customers and partners are often located across every corner of the world. At the same time, they are faced with managing an array of evolving global compliance, data protection, performance and security requirements. To help people achieve more at work amid this complexity, we have combined our strengths to help hundreds shared clients address increasing needs for productivity, security and insight-driven collaboration. 

After more than three years, the IBM | Box partnership continues to focus on helping companies worldwide tap into all of the benefits of the cloud while ensuring security, performance and control similar to local data center infrastructure.

Last August, Box and IBM expanded our partnership to deliver the first ever custom skills built using the Box Skills Kit. IBM Watson, which is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the enterprise, is the first partner to leverage the Box Skills Kit to develop custom skills. 

And in October, we announced that joint Box and IBM customers will now be able to leverage IBM Cloud Object Storage for their infrastructure needs in the US.

IBM Think 2019

Finally, we're excited to have a significant presence at IBM Think 2019 staring Tuesday 12 February in San Francisco! Come meet with Boxers at Booth #421, get Custom Box Skills with Watson demos at the Watson booth, see how our joint solutions can power business processes, and check out these sessions where you'll hear experts talk about how they're leveraging Watson and Box:

Four Ways IBM Watson is Driving Reimagined Workflows ft. Michael McCabe, VP, IBM GTM

Wednesday, 12:30 PM - 1:10 PM | Session ID: 7583A

Moscone South, Exhibit Level, Hall B | Data & AI Theater C

How is Watson working with businesses to reimagine workflows? With Watson, partners are seeing faster and larger business benefits than ever before with AI. Hear directly from Box on how clients are leveraging Box Custom Skills with Watson to structure and find value in content, George Washington University on their service desk enhancements through BMC, VMWare on how clients are integrating Watson to drive fast resolution within customer service experiences, and Siemens on the use of Watson with Apple Core ML to break more new ground in the manufacturing industry.

Powering the Digital Business of the Future with Box ft. Russell Efird, Director, IBM Partnership

Wednesday, 9:30 AM - 10:10 AM | Session ID: 4658A

Moscone South, Level 2 | San Francisco Ballroom 211

Digital transformation isn't optional, and it starts with the lifeblood of every business: information. Box helps you unlock the value inside all your content by fueling collaboration, optimizing your IT stack and leveraging leading-edge AI like IBM Watson. In this session, you'll hear how Box and IBM fuel digital transformation by freeing the flow of content between your teams, partners and customers—without compromising on security and compliance.

AI: Unlocking Content to Drive Business Transformation ft. Mike Schwartz, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Thursday, 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM | Session ID: 6356A

Moscone South, Level 2 | San Francisco Ballroom 210

Today, more than ever, organizations must embed intelligence into every facet of business to unlock valuable insights contained in their mountains of content. In this session, you’ll learn how bringing AI to your unstructured content is shaping today’s digital transformation. Experts from IBM and Box will show how to use AI for extracting hidden insights from enterprise content, and how you can use these insights as intellectual property to drive differentiation.

Drive Value from Unstructured Data with Box Custom Skills with IBM ft. Sam Crisp, Senior Architect

Wednesday, 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM | Session ID: 4520A

Moscone South, Exhibit Level, Hall D | Data & AI Think Tank F

See how AI works seamlessly with Box. Meet one-on-one with experts and see how to transform your current workflows.

GROW: Bold Decisions for Career Growthft. Stephanie Carullo, COO

Friday, 9:30 AM - 10:10 AM | Session ID: 7856A

Think Park, Howard Street | Park Theater

Studies show the average human makes 35,000 decisions every single day. Some are personal. Some are professional. When it comes to your career, those decisions are personal AND professional. As you watch many of your leaders in action, have you ever wondered what bold decisions were made to get to a certain position or role? No two careers look alike, but we can learn from others. Learn from some of the best leaders in the industry who champion, sponsor, support and mentor a diverse talent pool. Listen and engage as they share their experience on making bold, inclusive career decisions, the thought process, the struggle, and the rewards.