Box admins, specialists, and cloud lovers: BoxWorks is around the corner!

OK. You've heard it before: "This year's XXX conference is going to be the best yet!" "Don't miss XXX conference!" "The top conference of the year!"

I don't mean to add to the noise, but BoxWorks 2017 will actually be better than ever before. That's because we're introducing content tracks that have been created AND will be co-hosted by the most important part of BoxWorks (and TBH the reason why we even do this): our customers!

We've broken down BoxWorks sessions into categories based on what describes you as a Box customer. We'll be rolling out lists of must-sees based on what suits you through out the coming weeks on the blog, so be sure to keep checking back!

Today we're dedicating our post today to you, practitioners. Here's how you might describe yourself if you're a practitioner:

  • Account Administrator or Co-Administrator
  • Box Champion or Specialist
  • Love all things cloud and want to learn more about what Box has to offer

Think one of these sounds like you? Great, we're happy you're here. Now let's get to it. Here are some of the sessions I'm most excited about, created just for practitioners:

Maintaining Compliance in the Cloud
HIPAA, FINRA, FISMA, FERPA...Is your organization subject to an alphabet soup of regulatory requirements? Come to this session to learn directly from other Box customers how they use Box to help maintain regulatory compliance in their industry.

Empowering Your Business Lines with Box
Every department in your business can leverage Box. Want to learn how? Join us as a panel of Box customers from different industries discusses business line use cases. We'll also talk about how a champion network of cross-departmental leaders can help you up-level your deployment.

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?
Box's Content Maturity Model: Where do you fall along the Box customer spectrum? In this session, we'll learn from the Box experts about how to progress from basic productivity to transformation cloud content management, using real-world customer stories and tactical, immediate advice.

And that's not all! Here are some other exciting events + happenings:

  • Meet your CSM reception: The title kinda says it all: meet your CSM in-person!
  • Learn Theater: "Lightning talks" on Box features/functionality, technical discussions on common integrations, and more.
  • Transformation Station: Meet with implementation consultants, change management specialists, solutions architects and others to plot a course on taking your Box deployment to the next level.
  • Box Certified Professional: Become a Box Certified Professional right at BoxWorks!

Can't wait to see you there, practitioners! If you haven't already, register for BoxWorks 2017 right now.