Box Admins at Box Share Their Favorite Admin Console Features

The Box Admin Console is designed to give you all the tools you need to securely manage your business’ content and keep an eye on user activities within Box. Last month, we introduced some new features to the Box Admin Console, including a reimagined Groups experience, including an expanded Group Admin role with permission customization, and self-serve SSO to make provisioning individual users and groups around the right content easier than ever.

To highlight some other features that you may find useful in the Admin Console, we asked our IT Operations team. Part of the role of this team is to function as Box Admins at Box, managing how we, as employees, securely collaborate with our content. We asked them about their favorite Admin features. Here's what they said:

"As an admin of our own implementation of Box, I love using the Content Manager. It's a critical tool to find information about any data in your organization, including who owns that data, how it's shared, and where it lives in the file tree." - Will Balson

"I like the dashboard and the reports: it's cool to see our usage and how that's changing over time as Box grows and changes. The specific reports (Security Logs and User Statistics) are also useful and interesting, although the former is normally useful only when something bad is happening." - Mike Queisser

"The Content Manager has been a lifesaver for Box IT. There have been multiple instances of misplaced or mis-transferred files that have needed rescuing - the latter being a time consuming process that is, at times, difficult to maneuver." - John Allen

"The User and Groups tab regularly helps us save time when we need to troubleshoot issues early on with any of the API integrations that we write as admins. We can quickly navigate this section to fully validate the status of an account, group memberships, see the content that each user has access to, or even log in as a user to check specific settings." - Mark Schooley