9 Work Habits to Leave in 2016

Now that 2017 is almost here, your newsfeed is probably flooding with lists of things you should have read, eaten, bought, or seen this year. While we can totally get behind more flexibility and excessive use of gifs at work, here are some work habits you better be leaving behind in 2016.

1. Emailing attachments
...and hoping to avoid the message "The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit"

2. Downloading large files
....and getting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death

3. Using software from CDs
Go cloud!

4. Asking "which version should I be working from?"
...or having to say the words "version control"

5. Sending interoffice mail
Save a tree (and a manicure)!

6. Using a USB stick
Is the USB symbol supposed to face up or down?

7. Asking someone to fill out forms or sign documents by hand
We love digital signatures!

8. Scanning and faxing
You know you don't want to get up from your desk for that.

9. Sending an email marked "high importance"
They're all important!

How you'll feel in 2017 when you can work with anyone, anywhere:

Happy Holidays from Box!  OK now back to cleaning our computers for the New Year ...