4 ways digital nomads use Box

4 ways digital nomads use Box

We’re all digital nomads these days. Interacting with content nonstop, and sharing it with colleagues, friends, and family — in business and in life.

Keeping all your content together and in reach in Box ensures you not only keep work secure, but also capture memories and personal documents for safekeeping and sharing.

4 ways digital nomads use Box

Here are four great ways Box Mobile can help you get things done on your terms.

1. Keep all your content at the ready

We’ve all had those last-minute requests that hit us at the worst times — after hours, when you’re at the dentist, or at your kid’s soccer game. Box Mobile has you covered and is great for uploading, working with, and sharing content wherever you are, and wherever you go. Fast-track field work by capturing video, audio, photos, or scanning documents — and automatically add them to Box from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

2. Work how you want

We’ve all got our favorite devices and applications for getting things done. Box Mobile makes it easy to access your content on your terms, so you can stay on top of everything from Box Notes and Microsoft Word documents to Adobe Creative Cloud files and Google Slides. You can view hundreds of file formats and save them for offline access. Android or iOS? Doesn’t matter, you’ll get the same rich features on both devices.

Close sales deals faster by pulling up the latest customer-facing decks and pricing info. Or speed up marketing production timelines by sharing files across departments and exchanging feedback on the fly.

3. Share with the people you need to, when you need to

Today’s businesses are more than just offices and employees. They are networks of business partners, suppliers, and contractors. Box Mobile lets you share content fast with all your collaborators — inside or outside your organization.

Accelerate retail store openings by seamlessly collaborating with corporate teams, contractors, and vendors in real time. Or streamline HR onboarding by giving new hires immediate access to onboarding materials like I-9s and training documents.

4. Take charge of the work of life

For digital nomads, work and life happen simultaneously. What if you could switch between both worlds without missing a beat? Box Mobile gives you a safe, convenient way to manage your personal content like passport applications, vaccine cards, event photos and videos, and receipts and tax documents. You can even keep scanned pet records at the ready for that emergency vet visit.

It’s a jungle out there

The cyber threat landscape never sleeps, and it’s more important than ever to keep your data safe from bad actors. With Box Mobile, your data stays secure and encrypted in the Content Cloud — while giving you access anywhere, anytime. It’s like having a bank vault in your pocket.

Box Mobile is all about giving digital nomads like you the flexibility to roam — while keeping your work secure and at your fingertips.

Download Box Mobile for iOS or Android today and gain the freedom to work and live on your terms.