3 ways to work even smarter in Box

Whether or not you attended BoxWorks this year, you’ve probably heard about Box Skills - a framework that brings the best machine learning innovations to your content already stored securely in Box.

But did you know that there are tools already available in Box that allow you to work even smarter today? Here’s a quick rundown of what you can start doing right now that will help take your content management to the next level.

Box Notes Templates: Standardize content across teams

Templates allow you to quickly create a Box Note using pre-populated content. You can choose from a set of default templates, or use custom templates that you or your team has created. This is useful when you need to create a Box Note using a standard format or structure, like meeting agendas, project plans, or calendars. The benefits are that new users will be able to jumpstart their first time experience with Box Notes, and existing users can share best practices and standardize on documentation across teams.

Knowledgelake: Make your metadata smarter

You are busy, so you don’t have time to make sure metadata is entered correctly. With Knowledgelake, you easily scan, upload and tag content to Box. The solution automatically categorizes and routes content based on business rules, so you won’t waste any time trying to figure out how and where to store things. And did we mention that this tool also makes sure that your content is clean and organized? This tool also utilizes powerful image processing technology to enhance the image quality of scanned documents. Image clean-up functionality includes character manipulation, background clean-up, color drop-out, blank page removal, page rotation and more.

Nintex Workflow for Box: Your workflow just got more flow

Workflows don’t happen in a linear fashion, so you’ll need a tool that understands that. With Nintex Workflow for Box it is now possible to create workflows that can be selectively started from within the Box user interface and view Nintex workflow activity on the files within Box. No more hold ups and guesswork on where you’re at in the approvals process. You’ll be able to collaborate, check approval status and get your best work done in an productive, organic fashion all within Box.

Feeling pumped about what you can make your content do for you? This is just the warm up.  Learn even more by signing up for the Box Virtual Summit on November 15.