Why it's important to have effective workflows in healthcare

From employee job satisfaction to compliance, quality of care, and patient outcomes, effective healthcare workflows keep operations moving — which is critical in such a high-stakes industry. With a streamlined clinical workflow, providers can ensure all their patients receive the highest quality of care possible.

Of course, you need the right tools to get the job done. Cloud-based storage solutions and digital workflow tools help healthcare organizations create and manage efficient workflows by cutting repetitive tasks, simplifying communication, and eliminating unnecessary waste.

Read on to see how streamlining workflow management can improve data storage and access, communication, and collaboration. Learn why it’s important to have effective workflows in healthcare and how cloud storage solutions help you achieve workflow efficiency.

Enhancing efficiency and productivity in healthcare workflows

At healthcare organizations, high efficiency and productivity are essential to improving patient outcomes and quality of care, increasing job satisfaction and reducing readmissions. For example, an efficient workflow allows providers to see and properly treat more patients because they spend less time tracking down information or performing manual processes.

Efficient, productive healthcare workflows improve patient outcomes, increase job satisfaction, and reduce readmissions

Most traditional healthcare workflows cannot meet the demands and expectations in today's healthcare system. For example, manual administrative tasks and paperwork processes are time-consuming and outdated. Streamlining and automating administrative tasks and reducing paperwork through digital workflows significantly improves efficiency, productivity, and overall clinical workflow in healthcare.

Another important aspect of digital workflows is electronic health record (EHR) systems. EHRs make accessing patient data and files efficient and secure. Integrating your EHR with cloud storage allows for seamless data management and enables remote access to patient records and medical data for healthcare providers. EHRs with cloud storage provide a centralized location for all medical data, enhancing efficiency and improving healthcare workflow management.

Understanding the importance of cloud storage in healthcare workflows

Cloud storage solutions allow you to store and access content in the cloud, accessible through the internet, rather than having physical data storage onsite. Cloud storage enables healthcare organizations to store, manage, and process numerous content types, from workflow applications to EHR data and patient records. Cloud servers have large storage capacities, making them ideal for healthcare organizations to store high volumes of content. 

Within the model of cloud storage, IT professionals and cloud solution providers maintain the remote servers through which you access content. Having professionals manage your cloud storage ensures adequate security for sensitive data. Cloud solutions are also more accessible for healthcare providers than traditional on-premises storage systems, as providers can access cloud content anytime through secure devices. 

This level of accessibility improves sharing of patient information and medical data among healthcare professionals. For example, multiple medical professionals can access the same patient record in the cloud, often in real time, without waiting for a manual or scheduled data transfer. Cloud storage enhances collaboration and communication among healthcare teams to improve workflows and reduce delays in patient care. 

Here are a few more benefits of implementing cloud storage and digital workflows in healthcare:

  • Increase flexibility and scalability: Cloud storage solutions are long-term solutions, able to grow or downsize as your organization does
  • Enhance patient care: Patients receive more consistent and reliable care and can access their medical records to stay engaged with their care
  • Drive clinical workflow analysis and insight: Cloud solutions provide valuable insights for future improvements and research needs
  • Enable interoperability: As digital workflow technology becomes more standard and advanced, cloud storage ensures your various systems and devices stay connected

Ensuring data security and compliance in healthcare workflows

Regardless of where your healthcare organization stores its content, data security is a priority. Because most healthcare data contains private patient information, healthcare organizations must comply with various data privacy regulations, including those enforced by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These regulations and standards indicate how sensitive data is handled, stored, accessed, and shared, so your cloud storage solution should be equipped to help you achieve data privacy compliance

Your healthcare organization also needs to ensure compliance and security throughout every workflow. Implementing access controls and encryption protects sensitive patient information at all stages of a workflow. For example, access controls enable you to set rules regarding which users can access what data. These controls prevent unauthorized users from accidentally or intentionally viewing or using sensitive data. 

Data security and compliance solutions enhance healthcare workflows to ensure privacy across the board. The right cloud storage solution for healthcare organizations meets your need for data security and compliance and offers solutions that automatically consider those factors. Healthcare providers move through their workflows more efficiently with data privacy requirements and procedures in place.

Ensure data security and compliance with the right cloud storage solution

Collaboration and communication in healthcare workflows

Effective communication and collaboration are at the heart of any healthcare workflow. Your workflow's efficiency depends on the efficiency of your communication and collaboration tools and systems. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations use outdated and inefficient methods, negatively impacting their workflows and patient care. Cloud solutions allow healthcare organizations to maintain secure collaboration and communication among their teams, regardless of location or device. 

Since many stages in a workflow require input from others, team members need adequate tools and technology to communicate well. Effective communication and collaboration solutions are especially essential when team members have to make time-sensitive decisions. For example, rather than having to track down physical patient records from other specialists and potentially wasting time in critical situations, healthcare professionals can quickly access updated, digital patient records in the cloud.

Cloud storage solutions enable real-time communication and information sharing for timely decision-making when integrated with messaging and workflow tools. Real-time communication and collaboration significantly improve healthcare workflows and patient care as a whole. 

When you have multiple healthcare providers on different schedules, cases, and locations, cloud storage with messaging and workflow tools allows seamless collaboration regardless of time, location, and device. Cloud collaboration and communication help healthcare providers share information and create more effective workflows.

The importance of workflows in healthcare

Workflows are important in healthcare because they directly impact your employees, patients, and overall organization. Healthcare providers deliver higher-quality work with effective procedures in place, positively affecting patient care and satisfaction (and your organization’s profits). Cloud storage solutions play a significant role in optimizing healthcare workflows. From communication, collaboration, and productivity to data security and compliance, cloud storage keeps healthcare workflows on track, updated, and efficient.

Embracing digital transformation and cloud storage features ensures your healthcare professionals have the workflow tools necessary to do their best work. An effective workflow is key to a healthcare organization’s long-term success.

Embrace digital transformation and cloud storage to ensure your healthcare organization can do its best work

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