Box Brings on Wagon Team to Advance Insights around Enterprise Content

Enterprises today manage, share, and work with an incredible amount of content and information. At Box, we've built the only modern content platform that makes it easier for people and organizations to securely share, access and manage their content. From a marketing campaign coming together in real-time to construction projects being executed on mobile devices, Box helps millions of people around the world do their best work, faster.

In addition to helping customers manage their content, we've also built a strong foundation for enterprises to better understand how their organization is working with its information. We've developed in-depth enterprise reporting capabilities, end-user's ability to see statistics around their own content, and APIs to allow our partners to connect to Box for advanced reporting. But we know there's so much more we can be doing for customers.

This is why today we're doubling down on building more advanced insights into Box by announcing that the team from Wagon Analytics will be joining Box to help accelerate our innovation in analytics. Founded in 2014, Wagon is an analytics platform that changes the way teams understand data to make decisions. Since its inception, the Wagon team has built technology that helps provide a simple way to create, visualize and share data analysis.

In joining Box, the Wagon team will be helping build out our analytics platform to provide deeper insights that help customers make the most of Box. The Wagon team's deep engineering and product expertise in user experience, data modeling and quick visualizations complements our strength in analytics.

Looking ahead, exposing insights that enable our customers to quickly monitor, measure and interpret data about Box usage is a big part of how we're thinking about our evolution. Working together with the Wagon team, we're excited to advance our mission of changing the way people work. See what the Wagon team has to say about the exciting news here.