Unleash your creativity with Box Canvas

Unleash your creativity with Box Canvas

Sketching a new product design. Capturing ideas in a rainbow of sticky notes. Mapping out user flows, business processes, or marketing campaigns. These are the most creative and exciting moments in business — the moments that lead to innovation, disruption, and differentiation. However, today’s tools are not designed for creativity--they are missing the versatility that connects teams and lets them work on their terms.

Today, we are excited to announce Box Canvas: visual collaboration and whiteboarding, natively integrated in the Box Content Cloud. Box Canvas gives you the flexibility to create using visual formats or host interactive workshops and meetings securely from anywhere, with anyone. And, with unlimited canvases, easy collaboration, and over 40 templates for free with any Box plan, it's the best way to bring hybrid teams together for creative work.

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It’s time to become visual

Humans are visual learners. We process visual information quicker and retain it longer. We need collaborative tools that help us realize our strengths and let us tap in and unleash our creativity. In fact, market intelligence from 451 Research found, “Visual collaboration tools can provide more flexible digital environments that allow users to think creatively [and] a more enjoyable work experience for some who find traditional work tools frustrating...”

With visual collaboration in Box Canvas, we can innovate and build out ideas together with our internal or external teams, in a shared, flexible digital environment with infinite space. We can see the big picture, explore all the moving parts, and zoom in on the details as well as assess the impact changes will have, in real time, while everyone is engaged. And, we can preserve the ideas that have been workshopped so they have a record not only of the end product but the brainstorming process.

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The possibilities are limitless

In all lines of business and in all industries, Box Canvas will allow teams to take ideas from brainstorming and problem-solving to planning and execution. Making it easier than ever to

  • Develop new products by designing wireframes or mapping out user flows and get input directly in Box Canvas. Then, route finalized specs for approval through Box Relay.
  • Craft user-centered UX & UI design by diagramming product onboarding experiences. Embed content like videos, images, or other documents directly into Box Canvas for inspiration.
  • Create marketing campaigns by conducting interactive workshopping sessions with your external agency for your next big marketing campaign -- encourage all participants to contribute through timed brainstorms.
  • Conduct account planning with sales dashboards, presentations and interactive account plans to align on common goals. Engage customers by inviting them to participate. 
  • Hold employee training and onboarding sessions that are engaging, fun, and equitable. Every participant can interact and contribute at their own pace using the methods they are most comfortable with.
  • Iterate on screenplays with storyboards that bring scripts to life with scene by scene visuals.

With Box Canvas, the content you create will have all the enterprise-grade security and compliance of the Content Cloud, and they will live in the same place as the other mission-critical content that you collaborate on and manage. And, most importantly, with Box Canvas, teams collaborate and connect effectively in a fun, engaging way — regardless of whether they are remote, in-person, or hybrid.

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Box Canvas will be offered as part of the Box Content Cloud in Fall 2022. See it all in action during our on-demand Content Cloud Summit, then sign up here to get on the list for updates and early access.

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