Top 10 Lessons from Technology Leaders on Digital Transformation

Traditional organizations in virtually every sector are in some stage of a digital transformation journey. A few have pioneered the way for their industry, such as General Electric. Many more have only just begun to embrace digital and may face significant challenges with change management or customer engagement. Enterprises who do not successfully digitize their business can face disruption or even obsolescence.

Much can be learned from the rising stars of the technology world. Companies like Uber, Netflix and Amazon began by re-inventing their industry’s business models from the ground up. Others, like Facebook or Google, imagined entirely new ways of relating to the world. These leaders adopted particular practices and mindsets that helped them leapfrog beyond the status quo.

We take a deep dive into this topic in our new eBook: Top 10 Lessons from Technology Entrepreneurs on Digital Transformation. These lessons can be universally applied across industries and they offer insights and best practices, especially for companies who are building a digital business practice for the first time. Learn how your company can:

  • “Think big” and reinvent new ways of doing business
  • Build digital products that users will love
  • Drive growth for your digital business
  • Define and mobilize a superstar organization

As your company continues on a path towards digital transformation, we’re excited to share with you what we’ve learned from leaders in this space. Download your copy now.

Digital Transformation eBook