SRE Hour at Box HQ

Here at Box HQ, we recently had the opportunity to host an epic SRE Hour. This was the first event in our new Downtown Redwood City space, and SREs from over 40 companies joined us for talks from Box and Yelp.

So, what's an SRE? Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) are the guardians of the galaxy, protecting the site against scale challenges, unmonitored risks, and impending threats to stability. From scrappy to heroic to automated, SREs take to manage the massive complexity in their environments, and continually seek ways and tools to make releases easier for developers.

At SRE Hour, we heard from two awesome SREs who are both developing and using open source tools to manage their infrastructure.

First up, Demetri Mouratis, Senior Staff SRE at Box, gave an overview of service discovery at Box. He discussed our current limitations and challenges, and gave the audience a preview of how Box is using SmartStack - an open sourced service discovery tool created by AirBnB.

Next, Kyle Anderson, SRE at Yelp, spoke on PaaSTA - an open source, highly-available, distributed system for building, deploying, and running services. In short, PaaSTA provides a coherent set of tooling around shipping services for developers. Kyle talked through the questions and challenges that led the team at Yelp to create PaaSTA, and how it's improved their service deployment.

Check out these talks (and more!) on our Box Engineering Channel: