Migrate to the cloud with new self-service Box Shuttle tools

Migrate to the cloud with new self-service Box Shuttle tools

It's been a busy few months at Box. In February, we announced the all-new Box Shuttle — the lowest-cost, full-service migration program in the market. Our teams have been hard at work developing new technologies and today, we're excited to release our new self-service Box Shuttle migration tools, putting the power of our market-leading technology into the hands of our customers. And here's the best part: for certain scenarios, we're offering these tools free of charge. 

Now with this self-service offering, Box Shuttle solves for every situation that organizations can face when moving off of legacy technology and centralizing content on Box. And our powerful technology moves not only content, but related version histories, metadata, and permissions structures – so the migration doesn't get in the way of work. There's never been a better time to move to the Content Cloud

Free self-service tooling for simple migrations of 10 TB or less

Moving to the cloud has been a priority for many organizations, but the path has been difficult, and the cost and complexity of migrating content has been a huge roadblock. With a large amount of content decentralized and residing in diverse file shares and legacy systems, businesses struggle to realize value from their content. Now, all Box customers have the opportunity to move up to ten terabytes of content through Box Shuttle for free, given it meets the following conditions:

  • Current source systems: Network file shares, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and SharePoint Online
  • Permissions mapping requirements: Existing user-based permissions are sufficient; Box Shuttle standard tooling identifies incompatibilities and provides pre-defined rules to modify in-flight
  • Metadata migration requirements: Content only contains simple metadata (e.g., file and folder names, size, created and modified dates) 

Box Shuttle advanced tooling for complex migrations of any size

Some organizational content is more complex or needs more robust re-platforming when moving into Box. It's tied to custom metadata that often drives business-critical processes and policies, or requires granular permissions re-mapping. With Box Shuttle's advanced tooling, customers can move all of this content to Box, at petabyte scale with no volume limits, for only $1,000 per terabyte – a price point drastically lower than other migration tools – in many cases, up to 75% more affordable.

Box Shuttle advanced tooling gives you more breadth and control in your migration, including:

  • Current source systems: Includes the systems above, as well as SharePoint On-Premises, Citrix Sharefile, FTP, Egnyte, AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Permissions mapping requirements: Folder-level permissions re-mapping, with case-by-case mid-flight editing in the event of incompatibilities

Box Shuttle migration services

Migration projects — both simple and complex — require technical expertise and change management practices to be successful. That's where Box Shuttle migration services come in. We've delivered more than 600 successful migrations for organizations like Intuit, the US Forest Service, and Coalfire – and we now have two service offerings for customers looking for support in their consolidation efforts:

  • Box Shuttle managed services: Hands-on execution services, where the Box team works hand-in-hand with internal resources, delivers the migration and ensures successful outcomes for any migration project – no matter how small or large, simple or complex.
  • Box Shuttle enablement services: Training and planning services, where the Box team equips internal resources to to utilize either Box Shuttle migration tool, while providing an overview of migration best practices – enabling teams to hit the ground running.

Customers are quickly seeing the value of moving to the Content Cloud. In the four months since the launch of the all-new Box Shuttle, we've seen more than a 50% jump in managed migration projects. In February, customers moved nearly 300% more terabytes of content through Box Shuttle than compared to a year prior. We're advancing our infrastructure strategy to better meet the needs of our customers, including through acquisitions like Cloud FastPath – a leading content migration platform that is now powering Box Shuttle technology. With these enhancements, we're 10x-ing our total infrastructure capacity, including storage capacity, every 3-4 years.

The digital content revolution is here, and the Content Cloud is at the center of the action. File shares and mediocre tools no longer get the job done, and organizations that don't make the jump are at risk of falling behind. Now, with content migration technology available to any Box customer, Box Shuttle is the lowest-cost, complete content migration program in the market.

Get started today by providing some basic information about the content you want to move. And join us on Thursday, June 17 for a webinar about best practices and methodologies to help you start your own content migration.

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