Request File Links: making it simpler to get files from anyone

At Box, we're always thinking about ways to simplify existing business processes. For many, gathering content from others is critical to our business process. Whether you're a university professor gathering midterm submissions, a recruiter collecting resumes or a wealth management professional gathering financial information from a client, many of us need a quick and easy way to gather content from others. Unfortunately, getting the right files from key stakeholders in a timely manner is a headache. Emails, attachments, and incessant follow-ups are often the norm. But not anymore!

Today, we're excited to announce that it is now easier than ever to collect content submissions from your coworkers, vendors or customers using the new Request File Link.

Request File Link

How does it work? 

  1. Simplify content requests. Now available in Box's web application, owners and co-owners of Box folders can generate a shareable 'request file' URL for a specified folder, where it can be shared with anyone - even with those who don't have a Box account.  
  2. Avoid the "attachment size exceeds the allowable limit" error. Once submitters receive the link, they simply select or drag and drop their files or collections of files right in Box. It's the easiest way to collect content from others, where submitters can send large file sizes up to 5GB (or up to 32GB, depending on the account plan).
  3. Accelerate your processes. Once the files are submitted, they are automatically uploaded to the Box folder of your choosing - no need to invite them as a collaborator to your folder. And skip the 'Following up' email by setting folder notifications to alert you when content is uploaded. 
  4. All with the benefits of Box. The best part is -- this new feature now helps you manage your full lifecycle of content: from submission and collaboration to publishing and archival. Now with Box, you can streamline your processes and take advantage of all of the benefits of Box - from security, encryption, workflow, governance, and more.
Request File Link

This exciting new feature is now available. Start using it today!