Reimagine Your Application Experiences with Preview of More Immersive Content Types

Last quarter we launched Preview in Box Content API with support for the most popular content types of documents and presentations. We have been working towards expanding support to a range of new content types and are pleased to announce that Box Platform now supports preview of over 100 file types including images and videos. The Box Platform team are fervent drivers of the evolution of the content types used in business to align teams and engage with customers. In addition to the support for new content types, we are also announcing more sophisticated content experiences in beta with support for medical images, 360 photos, and an HD video player.

This update is a critical enabler for businesses to build engaging digital experiences. The underlying reason that content is created and managed is for it to be consumed by people. The Box Platform team strives to create those human experiences with content. A product spec sheet, a tax form or a marketing video may be created to educate, collaborate or persuade, but their ultimate purpose is to inspire and mobilize stakeholders and customers. We want to remove the friction that has traditionally plagued how we consume content and make the experience engaging. Box serves as the single platform to normalize the consumption experience across a broad range of file types and client environments that the audiences for your content require.

The new and immersive file formats we now support can be leveraged by any industry whether it is Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Construction, Retail or Education. Take for example your home insurance document. This content could be best captured by a video recording of your personal property with belongings. From scanned copies of your passport to pictures of intake forms for a medical practice, being able to easily share documents in the form of images is critical to improving consumer experiences. Real estate and construction industries can leverage 360 photos to help customers visualize their new homes. How about an auto insurance claims experience where a video or photo of the accident can be integrated into the claims submission and processing workflow seamlessly?

In today's work-styles, a single project already involves content across multiple file types. Consider the gained efficiency in team collaboration and workflow when an advertising agency or marketing project does not need to store documents on Box, notes on Evernote, whiteboard pictures on Google Photos, slides on SlideShare and videos on YouTube just because the viewing experiences for certain content types are optimized for certain platforms. Seamless user experience and reliable security can be achieved if such content silos are avoided. By standardizing the content layer of your custom applications on the Box Platform, which is inherently open and neutral to file formats, you can have a unified platform for the content types you use today and the ones your business will demand tomorrow.

The Box Platform team is confident that your business can galvanize your customers and stakeholders into action by providing immersive experiences for the content you generate every day. Try our Preview API endpoint and let us know what you think on Twitter at @BoxPlatform or email us. We'd love to see your digital applications come alive with modern content types.