Recognizing International Equal Pay Day at Box

"At Box, we are committed to creating a culture of fairness and inclusion, and an environment where all can thrive. We continue to strive for equality through our actions, our language and our policies. Ultimately we want to create an inclusive and conducive work environment where our employees feel secure, happy and able to do their life's best work." - Stephanie Carullo - Chief Operating Officer

Box is known for connecting people worldwide as the leading Content Cloud software, and that's how we power our culture, too. No matter who you are, where you're from, or what brings you to Box, we welcome the authentic you here. In fact, one of our core values is “bring your ____ self to work!”

However, we know not every employer recognizes or rewards employees fairly and equally for their efforts. International Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the systemic inequality faced by women and especially those of color. In the U.S., women who work full-time, year-round, are paid an average of 83.7 percent as much as men, which amounts to a difference of $10,000 per year. The gaps are even larger for many women of color and women with disabilities.

In recognition of International Equal Pay Day, we celebrate our programs, policies and benefits that enable the success of all Boxers.

Why do we acknowledge International Equal Pay Day?

When women, people of color, and the disabled are paid fairly in the workplace, have access to health care, have equal opportunity to thrive and more, they can contribute to communities, economies and society richly and robustly, benefitting us ALL.

How do we celebrate and ensure equality at Box?

We hold ourselves accountable to pay parity, which is why we signed the California Equal Pay Pledge. As part of our continued commitment, we conduct an annual companywide gender pay analysis on pay adjustments and promotion procedures to reduce unconscious bias and structural barriers to equitable compensation. In addition, we externally benchmark the compensation we provide for each role to ensure pay parity, and provide regular pay equity updates to our Compensation Committee. Our analyses indicate that we have pay equity across gender globally for employees in similar jobs, accounting for factors such as role, level and location.

We also ensure that Boxers can Bring their (_____) Self to Work by creating safe spaces for engagement, opportunities for networking and development, and promoting a culture of learning and allyship, to ensure the needs of underrepresented employees are top of mind. We developed a career framework with learning paths; assessed our job descriptions removing any unconscious bias in our language and criteria; post open positions making opportunities available to all employees; consider diverse candidate slates for all open roles; and track the internal mobility of women (and other underrepresented groups at Box).  Our Box mentoring program provides coaching, advice and a sounding board to help Boxers navigate their career, develop their skills and follow their dreams. We have flexible work arrangements to provide Boxers with the space they need to juggle work and life. We provide inclusive benefits, from reproductive and infertility care and adoption benefits, to mental health support and so much more. We have received external recognition for these efforts, including being recognized as one of of the Women Impact Tech 100 companies in 2023 and received a top score of 100 on the 2022 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.  

How can you influence those around you on International Equal Pay Day and beyond?

1) Mentorship

Mentorship is key to career development, especially with underrepresented groups. Here at Box, we developed an internal Mentorship Program that focuses on leadership and skills development, prioritizing our ERC members. The 6-month program includes 1:1 mentorship of members of the Black Excellence Network (BEN), Box Women's Network (BWN), Asian Pacific Islander (API), BoxAbilities, Somos Box, Women in Technology (WIT), Pride ERC, Mosaic Employee Resource Communities (ERCs), and is open to all Boxers globally. 

When we asked Boxers what they wanted from mentorship, we heard: ​

  • Getting guidance on how to step into the next level in career ​
  • Exposure and perspective from Boxers who aren't in their immediate sphere of work, like their manager or cross-functional leader​
  • Having a sounding board to navigate some of the daily challenges and nuances of the work environment ​
  • Demonstrating multiple ways to show up as a leader at Box

When we have mentors for women, we create an environment of growth that ultimately drives a pipeline of amazing leaders. It's critical not only for the mentee, but the mentor and company as a whole.​

2) Support charities and organizations led by women

We have showcased many internal, company-wide impact spotlights highlighting customers with social impact missions that advance the needs of women, such as Kreyol Essence and Women's World Banking, as well as highlighting speakers and organizations advancing equal pay in the workplace, including the ACLU.

3) Consider women in tech

As a technology company, we know we can be a part of the solution driving women’s equity in many spaces.

  • Be intentional - Whether it be ensuring equity in your interviewing, development and progression processes, advocating for diverse interview panels, leveraging inclusive language in job descriptions, community roles or leadership opportunities - Be intentional about building and advocating for a culture that promotes inclusivity and equity everywhere, at all times.
  • Elevate voices of women in all spaces - in meetings, in 1:1 conversations, amongst team members, etc. Relationship building and collaboration happen positively when stories are shared and ideas are heard. Get excited to encourage and guide women and cultivate an environment where one can truly bring their whole self.

By working together, we can take actionable steps towards pay equity today - and every day!

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