Police Service of Northern Ireland Chooses Box for Cloud Content Management


Headquartered in Belfast, the Police Service of Northern Ireland is using Box as its secure, integrated platform to power Digital Policing and serve Northern Ireland’s 1.8 million residents.

“At the Police Service of Northern Ireland, our mission is to keep people safe in the digital age, and exceptional technology services and solutions are central to accomplishing that,” said Jeff McNamara, Head of Information and Communication Services at the Police Service of Northern Ireland. “Thanks to Box we’re able to focus on providing more effective policing for the benefit of the community.”

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland is a leading service that is highly focused on transforming policing through digital innovation,” said Stephanie Carullo, COO of Box. “We’re excited that Box can play a central role in helping to power the vital work of public service and protection across Northern Ireland.”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland first became a Box customer in 2018. Since then, it has deepened its use of Box to:

  • Increase officer productivity by improving the speed and volume of evidence gathered through allowing members of the public to upload rich media content into evidence submission via Box File Requests.
  • Enable contactless policing during the COVID-19 pandemic, where officers are able to gather witness statements while in compliance with social distancing measures.
  • Power a secure and seamless evidence sharing process that expedites evidence and intelligence onto custody, other policing functions, and criminal justice partners such as the Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland.
  • Improve security for external sharing with Box Shield.
  • Integrate with existing technology ecosystem, including the platforms used for Body Worn Video footage and its Case Management Tool.
  • Reduce the cost of storing and transporting evidence via physical media (CDs, DVDs, USBs).
  • Comply with GDPR requirements while powering a digital workplace by storing and managing data regionally in the cloud with Box Zones.

With this announcement, the Police Service of Northern Ireland publicly joins a growing list of leading Public Sector organisations that have moved to Box to power new ways of working, including the Metropolitan Police of London, U.S. Department of Justice, and U.S. Department of Air Force.

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