Mentoring Matters: Our mentorship program at Box

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” — Bob Proctor

At Box, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to belong to a vibrant, values-driven community that can celebrate your whole self. That's why we developed the mentorship program at Box.

How did Box come to build a mentorship program at Box?

Our goal for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at Box is to fully engage the unique capabilities of diverse teams, creating a high performing, inclusive environment where Boxers know they belong. We drive D&I through a three-prong approach of Hiring (sourcing top talent, showcasing Box’s community and culture, and promoting our external brand), Belonging (creating space where all Boxers can bring their (___) selves to work), and Thriving (ensuring every Boxer has an exceptional career experience).  

In support of our Thriving initiative, the ERC Mentorship Program was born. The program focuses on leadership and skills development of our ERC members. It is a 6-month program that includes 1:1 mentorship of members of the Black Excellence Network (BEN), Box Women's Network (BWN), Latinx, Women in Technology (WIT), and Mosaic Employee Resource Communities (ERCs) globally.

Why a mentorship program?

Career growth and development has been a long-standing priority as a company, and as a commitment to ensuring we have strong workforce development practices aligned to our D&I strategy, we're continuing to invest in programs that help grow our talent at Box.

  1. Increased leadership & skills development to support progression of Boxers and their career trajectory
  2. Promote a sense of inclusion and belonging via mentor connections

Why have we selected these ERCs? 

Research shows that mentorship plays a role in helping employees develop in their careers. We’ve heard specifically from ERC members in BEN, BWN, Latinx, Mosaic and WIT that mentorship is important for: ​

  • Getting guidance on how to step into the next level in their career​
  • Exposure and perspective from Boxers who aren't in their immediate sphere of work, such as a manager or team​ mate
  • Having a sounding board to navigate some of the daily challenges and nuances of the work environment 
  • Demonstrating multiple ways to show up as a leader at Box

Hear from a couple of Boxers share their own experiences as mentors and mentees!

Molly Hiserman, Manager, Recruiting Operations, Box Mentor

Molly Hiserman, Manager, Recruiting Operations, Box Mentor

I have had some wonderful mentors past and present here at Box, both in a formal program and a non-formal setting. Joining the Box mentor program was a way for me to help pass on my knowledge and information I've learned not only at Box, but what those mentors have taught me about growing in your career. What has made some of the best mentor/mentee relationships for me has been honesty, curiosity, and listening because they are the foundation to keep the relationship going from goal setting through development on how to get there. Some of the best highlights about my own personal experience is being able to connect with another Boxer and seeing their confidence grow in their role and abilities. Mentorship has shown me that small conversations can have big takeaways and that sharing information makes a world of a difference. Instead of gatekeeping, I believe in sharing success. For anyone seeking out mentorship, my advice is to be open to all sorts of mentors and mentees. Someone from a different organization or background can teach you so many new things or show you a new perspective on a situation that you may have never considered!

Sheri Braimah, Sales Engineer, Box Mentee

Sheri Braimah, Sales Engineer, Box Mentee

I was part of the Mentorship Program at Box when it first started and have been meeting with my mentor, Raven Miles, Sr. Director of Sales since the beginning. She has experience outside of Box and other companies which is eye opening given that I'm fairly early in my career. It's also nice to have a mentor of someone who looks like me, had a similar professional background, and had both individual contributing and managing experiences that I could learn from. We meet once a month and chat about what my goals are and often times, we also chat about personal things which has really helped grow our relationship. I think what's great about the mentorship program is that you get different perspectives on how to approach your goals - like how to ask for what you want and how to advocate for yourself. It helped me figure out how to build out my wins and how to think through my accomplishments to help my career trajectory. All in all, I really enjoyed the program and find that it has been very valuable. My best advice for those starting off a relationship with a mentor is to 1) Come with goals - come prepared with goals that can be short or long-term goals and do some research on your mentor beforehand. 2) Build a relationship with your mentor by figuring out the dynamic of the person and open up the opportunity to learn both ways. Now, I have two mentees outside of Box that recently graduated from college that started their professional careers. This has helped me learn to be a better mentor!

The Box mentoring relationships are mentee-driven and mentor-guided. Mentees drive activity and dialogue with their mentors to work towards their career goals. This means mentees propose specific goals based on their personalized development plans and work with their mentor over time to build towards and create a feedback rich environment for development. The mentors help guide mentees to solutions, resources, suggest personal and/or professional development activities, make introductions to their network where needed, and model leadership.

Through programs like this, Box is a place where we can help you champion your ideas and career in a culture that empowers you. To learn more, check out!