Making a Difference Together: Box's Volunteer Time Off Benefit

At Box, creating positive change in the world has always been a top priority. Our mission is to power how the world works together, and that extends to everything we do at We believe that by combining our products, our people, and our passion, we can make an impact on our global communities — and help our nonprofit customers do the same. One of the ways we achieve this is through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) benefit, which allows Boxers to dedicate their time and skills towards causes they care about.

Embracing community engagement, our platform for community engagement and giving, serves as a testament to our dedication towards fostering social good. Through Deed, thousands of volunteer hours are tracked annually as employees utilize their three days of paid VTO. This unique opportunity empowers individuals within the Box family to actively contribute towards causes close to their hearts.

Making Mom Proud 

One core value that resonates deeply with us at Box is "Make Mom Proud." It encapsulates the idea that every action we take should be aligned with integrity and empathy — values instilled in us by those who raised us. By offering VTO benefits, we encourage all members of Team Box — or "Boxers" as we fondly call ourselves — to embody these principles while contributing positively toward society.

The power of giving back

We take immense pride in witnessing hundreds of dedicated employees engaging in various social impact programs such as volunteering, donating resources or sharing valuable skills with nonprofit organizations worldwide. These acts reflect not only individual commitments, but also foster an impactful culture centered around community-mindedness.

Boxer spotlight - Dana Rafferty, Recruiting Coordinator 
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"I was able to volunteer at New Leaf Agriculture in Elgin, TX: a farm that trains and employs refugee farmers from traditional farming cultures to reconnect them to farming in their new communities. The farm offers volunteers a hands-on opportunity to engage with sustainable agricultural practices while contributing to the local community's food production. By working alongside dedicated staff and fellow volunteers, I was able to pick up on valuable knowledge about organic farming, crop cultivation, and environmental stewardship. While I was there, I harvested beets, okra, collard greens, chives, and other fresh fruits and veggies (that I was able to taste along the way). It was a great opportunity and I’m hoping to go back for my next VTO day!"

Boxer spotlight - Anna Naroska, Software Engineer

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"I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Po Drugie Foundation, which is helping young people with difficult pasts to stand up on their own two feet. As a part of my VTO, me and other Boxers renovated a recreation room for those living in the house which got damaged during a flood and also managed to help paint some of the furniture to bring more color into their lives. It was a wonderful way to do something good and bond with the rest of the team. I am hoping to participate in more VTO initiatives in the future!"

A workplace that inspires change

Our collective efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements over time. As a company committed to giving back, we're honored by having contributed 25,695.5 total volunteer hours across 306 different organizations since starting our partnership with Deed (a workforce giving and volunteering platform). And prior to this partnership, Boxers have volunteered countless volunteer hours since the inception of VTO. This accomplishment speaks volumes about both the passion exhibited by each Boxer and the supportive environment cultivated here at Box — one where everyone feels empowered to make lasting contributions outside office walls.

In conclusion, "Make Mom Proud" isn't just another catchphrase for us; it represents who we are. Through initiatives like Volunteer Time Off (VTO), Box has proven itself consistently voted among best places work because when you empower your people, they can truly create transformative change within themselves and throughout society. Together, let's continue building bridges between businesses and nonprofits, and inspiring others along this incredible journey to make this world a better place than we found it.

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