Integration Partner Spotlight: Highspot & Box

As companies move to the cloud, a new generation of software enables sales teams to be more organized and effective in their sales cycle. Highspot uses real-time analytics to connect sales and marketing teams to the most relevant content and track customer engagement. Last year, the company integrated its advanced sales enablement platform with Box’s modern content platform to help sales and marketing bridge the gap between content creation and content distribution.

As marketing departments create and update sales collateral, they can leverage Box to more efficiently collaborate on that content internally and externally, for instance with a design or advertising agency. With Box, these teams can make sure everyone always works on the most recent version of the content, and they can share the right content quickly and securely from any device.

Through its integration with Box, Highspot then allows sales teams to take full advantage of this content. Users can access their Box content directly in Highspot so that they can present it to their customers and prospects and track their engagement with the materials over time.

The flexibility and depth of Box’s platform allowed Highspot to take that even a step further. First by integrating with the Box File Picker, it was easy for Highspot to let its users import the relevant files into the sales enablement platform. Through use of Box’s APIs, Highspot can detect when the marketing team has updated the content in Box, and then reflect those updates in Highspot. As a result, sales teams, and their customers always access the latest version. Users publishing their content can decide whether an item should be updated manually or automatically.

Highspot integrates with Box platform APIs

If the original file in Box is deleted, Highspot notifies the seller, but the content is kept available to them in Highspot, preventing disruption of the sales workflow and that awkward moment when the sales person is ready to pitch a deck, and finds out that it has been deleted.

Highspot integrates with Box to allow sales and marketing teams take full advantage of their content

Highspot also takes advantage of Box’s rich metadata capabilities. For example, a marketer can add a tag like "Publish" to a file in Box, and Highspot can be configured to import that file automatically. Metadata can also be mapped as files are added into Highspot. For example, Highspot can mark content as being “Internal”, so it cannot be sent to customers, and that tag can be mapped and synchronized to a corresponding metadata tag in.

Concur, an SAP company, uses Box and Highspot together for their sales content. With the worldwide rollout complete for the Concur Enterprise Sales team, adoption is consistently high, with 95% of sales reps using Highspot each month. Concur estimates that sales reps save 4 hours a week finding content. With more than 1,000 sales reps, this adds up to significant savings.

The robust Box APIs support close integration for Highspot. As a result, Box and Highspot combine to provide a powerful way for marketing and sales to work together to manage and access sales content.