Inside the Developer Experience at BoxWorks '17

Developers of the world: are you building next level enterprise solutions at your company, or creating versatile, permissioned, file systems in your current workstream? Do you work to keep your identity systems secure, or have to manage private or compliant documents?

At BoxWorks 2017, join hundreds of Box Developers from around the world and learn how to use our APIs, get an exclusive look at the latest Box product developments, share best practices and connect with industry experts, and speak with Box employees and members of the Box Developer community on building content-centric applications in the cloud.

Not enough? Here are four more reasons we want to see you at BoxWorks:

#1 - More than 20 sessions just for developers
We're more than tripling the number of developer sessions at BoxWorks this year. Our sessions cover all different levels of topics - from the basics of making your first API call to Box, to best practices and technical deep dives for seasoned Box Developers (beginner and advanced sessions). Some of our favorite sessions include:

  • Five Things You Didn't Know Box Admins Can Do with the Box API - Thousands of Box customers use the Box APIs to automate processes and extend the power of Box for their business. In this session, we'll explore real examples of how Box customers use our APIs to make Box even more powerful for their business
  • Leveraging the OpenAPI Specification at Box - Over the past few years, OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) has become one of the world’s most popular API frameworks. The OpenAPI specification provides API consumers with an easy way to comprehend and consume an API and API service providers with a standardized way to design, build, and document RESTful APIs. In this session, we'll talk about how we use the OpenAPI specification at Box, both for our internal engineering teams and for external API consumers.
  • Leveraging AI and Machine Learning in Custom Apps - One of the key advantages of cloud content management is the ability to leverage powerful AI and machine learning technologies to extract even more value from your content. In this session, we'll explore how you can integrate services like image recognition, document translation, and facial recognition with your Box applications.

#2 - A look at what's to come
We'll be sharing a lot of new features in keynotes and breakout sessions and provide a look at our roadmap throughout the conference. You can think of this as a sneak peek into our newest developments for the platform product and developer tools.

#3 - Get trained on the Box Platform
For the first time ever, we're doing a live, full-day developer training the day before BoxWorks. You can learn more here.

#4 - See dozens of real apps built on the Box Platform
We'll be showcasing lots of real world examples of companies, ranging from brand new technology startups to leading Fortune 500 brands, that are building on the Box Platform. We'll talk about why businesses leverage our platform and what it enables them to do. These will be included in our keynotes, breakouts, and live on the expo floor in the Build on Box Zone.

Get ready to be inspired. See you at BoxWorks!