How the media & entertainment industry is navigating the aftermath of 2020  


2020 brought unprecedented challenges for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry such as limited feature releases, cancelled concerts, and abbreviated sport seasons, but the industry still managed to innovate. Just look to the launch of new streaming services such as HBOmax, or the creation of a new integrated experience with Rapper Travis Scott's virtual concert within the video game Fortnite, which attracted 27.7 million new players and launched the rapper’s newest single to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This industry has always been known for its innovative content and forward thinking use of new technology. From the 1937 multi-plane camera developed by Walt Disney Studios to produce more realistic animations, to James Cameron's Avatar that premiered revolutionary virtual production techniques in 2009, to most recently, The Mandalorian's award-winning and cutting edge special effects, the Media and Entertainment industry is always pushing the limits of what's possible. 

At Box, we believe that technology will continue to shape the next evolution of the media & entertainment industry, from content production to the many new distribution platforms influencing consumers and creators alike.  Keeping track of these dynamic changes can be a challenge, so we are bringing you a series of conversations featuring some of the most innovative leaders in tech and M&E to share their insights on the future of the industry.  Each episode will cover different areas of content creation and distribution process as well as various part of the industry from film, TV, sports and gaming.  Our goal is to keep you informed,  engaged and ready for whatever 2021 brings your way. 

Up first in the series 

Joining me for the first installment of our series is Steve Cronan, CEO and Founder of 5th Kind. Back in 2001, Steve served as the Digital Asset Manager working on the Matrix Sequels, where he worked with users across all departments and was exposed to the all tools, processes, metadata and workflows needed to manage such large scale productions. He founded 5th Kind to offer cutting edge technological solutions to make content creators lives easier. The company serves as the workflow backbone of more than 50+ blockbuster productions across Hollywood’s major studios, including Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Miramax, Rovio and Sony Pictures.

Also, bringing his insights and experience to the conversation is Sripal Mehta, Head of Media APIs at Launched last year, is a new API platform that enables developers to create immersive voice and video communications in their apps and services, and enhance and analyze audio and video content to deliver high quality, great sounding experiences — with a single API call. Leading companies like SoundCloud, Kiddom, Physitrack, and Stringr use APIs to unlock the full potential of their audiovisual experiences.

During this session, we discuss: 

  • How they are navigating the aftermath of 2020
  • The ways remote work impacted content creators
  • How networks and studios are embracing a cloud first strategy 
  • Ways to optimize content pipeline, and reduce content fragmentation
  • Their vision for the future of M&E 

Tune in here.

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