How Flex Integrated Office 365 with Box

Chances are, if you’re a stakeholder that is driving your company’s digital transformation, you’re always working to remedy “pain points.” In the simplest sense, they’re the sore spots that flare up when things are changing. Sometimes they’re the result of new solutions, like tools that improve file sharing but are incompatible with other software – or, worse, create security vulnerabilities. Other times, they’re due to existing technologies, like File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which slowly set off a chain reaction of patches and temporary fixes that can never truly solve the underlying issue.

At Box, we’re always looking for ways to create solutions that alleviate these pain points. We’ve built the modern content management platform, and we’ve worked hard to design it in such a way that it can be implemented seamlessly, provide immense value to your end users and continue to scale with your organization for many years to come.

There are three pain points in particular that customers mention the most:

  • Replacing aging FTP and on-premise solutions with better, equally enduring alternatives
  • Having access to high-quality integrations that can support existing software investments
  • Ensuring that new solutions have both the functionality and usability required for swift adoption

For example, Flex is a billion-dollar supply-chain solutions provider with a staggering number of employees on their payroll, and they needed a better way to collaborate and share files securely. Their legacy systems had grown cumbersome and expensive to maintain – while also lacking the advanced security and remote-collaboration features necessary to keep everyone working at their best.

Oh, and Flex employs about 200,000 people worldwide. 

Let’s take a moment to really think about that number. Two hundred thousand employees. That’s the population of Richmond, Virginia. Or one quarter of San Francisco. Or the entire Big Island of Hawaii. A fifth of a million people working together, at a single company – and being guided by IT.

Finding a content-management solution that could successfully mobilize a small company is one thing, but finding one that could work flawlessly for an entire population’s worth of employees – without becoming an IT nightmare? That’s a tall order. Read more about why Flex chose Box, here.

As usual, Box was up to the challenge, and Flex couldn’t have been more pleased with their results:

  • Eliminated 1,500 FTP servers, along with the related upgrade, maintenance and support costs
  • Received superior file-syncing and integration support for their entire Microsoft Office 365 suite
  • Saw that teams readily adopted the scalable, secure, user-friendly Box + Office 365 implementation

Watch the video now to hear the full story from Flex’s CIO, Gus Shahin:

Today, Box keeps Flex operating at full capacity, with enterprise-first solutions that support all areas of their operations. If Box has what it takes to support the nation of Flex, just think what we can do for your company.

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