How Box Consulting helped Muckamore Abbey Hospital Public Inquiry to Implement the Box Content Cloud

In 2021, the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Public Inquiry chose Box as its secure, integrated platform for content management and collaboration.  After successfully procuring Box, the Inquiry partnered with Box Consulting to support them from implementation through to launch.

“Box’s secure platform for sharing and collaboration is mission-critical to the work that we do. It provides us with an avenue for quick retention of documents under the pressure of time in an easy and searchable fashion,” said Mark McEvoy, Junior Counsel for the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry. “The impact of Box on the Inquiry has been absolutely life-changing in a sense. We’ve gone from what we anticipated would be an environment that would be paper-heavy and physically file heavy -  to one where everything we need to do is managed securely online. We can work collaboratively in one document and we don’t suffer from version drift. There’s also greater accountability as it’s easy to keep track of who has worked on what and when. If Box was taken away from the inquiry tomorrow we’d be ground to a shuddering halt!”

Muckamore Abbey Hospital Public Inquiry selected Box to:

  • Power secure collaboration with internal and external partners including document providers, core participants, stenographers and technical services
  • Simplify the process of information and evidence gathering
  • Manage highly sensitive information and comply with data privacy requirements around evidence chains.

Box Consulting worked with the Inquiry to implement Box and train employees through bespoke change management and education sessions.

“Box has had a massive impact at the Inquiry. It is used day-in, day-out and it would be fair to say that it’s used by most teams. Each team uses Box in very different ways, but collectively we utilize Box to collaborate and achieve our objectives. The Public Records Office in Northern Ireland has also been very impressed with Box and our use of it to power the Inquiry’s processes,” said Jaclyn Richardson, Inquiry Secretary at the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Inquiry. “We’ve received a very high level of support from Box throughout our engagement. From designing a training program to ensuring our teams understood how to utilize Box, we know we have support available from Box Consulting should we need it.”

“In working closely with the Inquiry, our partnership has also evolved over time. As their teams have worked within Box, they’ve subsequently discovered new Box use cases and functionalities that can be beneficial to their work,” said Matthew Evans, Implementation Consultant at Box. “It’s healthy when a customer thinks about additional use cases for Box for and how we can help support that evolution.”

“We’re delighted that Box Consulting enabled the Muckamore Abbey Hospital Public Inquiry to simplify the way they gather evidence and achieve their objectives,” said Jamie McGachy, Consulting Manager at Box. “We look forward to our continued partnership as they continue to expand their use of Box and develop their Content Cloud journey.”

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