Hear it from our customers: Why unlimited e-sign means limitless potential

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In early October, BoxWorks ‘21 featured two sessions that highlighted the benefits of our new e-signature solution, now available at no extra cost to all Box Business and Enterprise customers. Streamlinee-signature business processes with Box Sign and Power business-critical approval workflows with Box Sign dove into just how valuable this new Box experience is for your business!  Sessions can be viewed here.

Box Sign addresses many common challenges and pain points that companies face with e-signature tools they’ve been using up until now. It solves issues such as high cost of deployment and limitations of legacy software. By natively integrating versatile electronic signature capabilities into our secure platform, we are again revolutionizing the way you work. 

The power of natively integrated e-signatures

Our BoxWorks ’21 session on how to power business-critical approval workflows with Box Sign was hosted by Vaishnav Gorur, Staff Product Marketing Manager at Box, who talked with Garrett Wright, Manager of IT and Operations at Benaroya Research in Seattle. Benaroya is an independent nonprofit research institute that focuses on autoimmune diseases such as lupus and type 1 diabetes. According to Wright, it takes some time for Benaroya’s research scientists to adapt to new technology, but their confidence in Box is now high after using the Content Cloud for many years.

“I’ve had a lot of them reach out to me directly with interest when Box announced that Box Sign would soon be integrated into the platform,” said Wright. “We’re super excited about what Box Sign will be able to do for us.”

Our session covering new ways to streamline e-signature business processes with Box Signfeatured Box customer Jason Perez, IT Director at Charter One (an educational management organization that provides services to schools in four different states), and one of our key partners, Amy Gorman, VP of ISV Sales at Salesforce. The conversation was moderated by Box VP of Product Management, Burke Culligan.

According to Perez, “Using a legacy e-signature tool would have cost us $2-$5 per signature. We have 15,000 students right now. The cost was prohibitive. So we’ve had to use other tools to fill our e-signature needs, but they don't all have the same functionality, and it created content silos. I'm very excited that now we can utilize Box Sign; simply insert it into the workflows that we already have. It’s going to be amazing.”

Amy Gorman, VP of ISV Sales at Salesforce, was equally enthusiastic about the launch of Box Sign. Salesforce is one of the most popular of the 1,500 integrations that Box supports. So it’s fitting that Salesforce is Box Sign’s first available integration, allowing documents to be signed directly within the Salesforce platform.

“Box Sign takes the Box-Salesforce integration to the next step,” said Gorman. “It allows our joint customers to easily create legal documents, send them out and track them, and then track the signatures that are required — ultimately providing a more efficient and effective way for them to do their jobs.”

Another reason to become a Box Business or Enterprise customer 

An increasing number of industry visionaries are recognizing the importance of e-signature solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of business processes, reduce security and compliance risks, and cut costs. Adding the e-signature capability as an integrated part of the content services technology stack “reduces IT spend, eliminates content silos, and delivers better governance and control," according to Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, Content Strategies and The Future of Work at IDC. That’s the beauty of Box Sign.

What will Box Sign do for your business?

If your company is one of the many businesses that already leverage the Content Cloud, you're now able to benefit from unlimited e-signatures where your content lives at no additional cost. That means you can:

  • Send documents for e-signature directly from Box to anyone, including those without a Box account, providing a seamless sender and signer experience
  • Execute secure and compliant signatures, since Box Sign has Box’s security and compliance profile (covering HIPAA, SOC, ISO, FedRAMP, and more)
  • Receive Box Sign capabilities with your Box for Salesforce integration, which allows you to generate and send NDAs, contracts, and more directly from Salesforce
  • Receive access to a world-class developer experience, including a robust set of Box Sign APIs, rich documentation, and “Get Started” guides

We're so excited to have rolled out Box Sign to our Business and Enterprise customers globally, with additional security features. Hear all about the news in our recent blog post.

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