Global People's Summit 2018 was honored to be a part of the second annual Global People's Summit in September.  The one day virtual event puts people (not just governments and corporate heavy weights) at the center of global decisions. At, we love how Global People's Summit team is democratizing access to the conversations and information that shape the world. is excited about how Global People's Summit is innovating and leveraging technology to make the summit 100% online and inclusive.  We're also huge fans of Hazami Barmada, the incredibly inspiring and committed founder of the Global People's Summit.  Learn more about her journey in this recent recent Forbes piece.

Global People's Summit

The remarks I shared at this year's summit were about how the tech community is starting to bring their core competency to the center of their integrated philanthropy approaches and how it's unlocking even more scale and empowerment for social change-makers like Hazami. 

Click 2017 or 2018 Summits to watch them in their entirety.

In 2015, the world agreed on 17 ambitious goals (The Sustainable Development Goals) to create a roadmap for a better, more just, safe, healthy and prosperous world. 

Hazami's team inspired by the dream of building a global movement to inspire people around the world to be the change they wish to see in the world. They are reimagining a world in which every single person is part of the solution to solve some of the most challenging global problems. 

They believe in order to do that, they and their partners need to democratize access to conversations and information that shape the world, and put people at the center of decision making. 

The Global People's Summit team and invite you to reimagine with us.  If you or your organization would like to support Hazami and her team's work DM Hazami on Twitter here or email me at [email protected].  Her team is excited to work with partners who can help them grow their reach, advance their tech core for scale and/or make philanthropic investments in their work.

We are fired up about what's to follow in our partnership with Global People's Summit.  The global Box community is proud to connect all nonprofits with Box employees, technology and other corporate assets. is proud to donate/discount Box to nonprofits at

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