Four major updates to work better in Box Notes

Collaborating on ideas with your coworkers should be a seamless and effortless experience, but that's not always the case. Keeping track of different versions, redoing misplaced work, starting from scratch—these are common challenges that we've all faced. But it doesn’t have to be this way. That's why we have Box Notes.

Box Notes, our secure note-taking app built for teams, enables you to collaborate in real-time with anyone, including people outside your company. Like the brainstorms you have with coworkers, proposals you're working on with customers or to-do lists you create as reminders for yourself.

At its core, Box Notes has always been about making it fast and easy for teams to work together and we're excited to build on that with some new features available now.

Easily keep track of modified notes with Inbox. We think of Box Notes as a living view of people and ideas coming together, but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of when your notes have been changed. Now you can easily see which notes have been edited by someone, including notes that have been shared with you in the left sidebar. With blue dot indicators and updated notes pushed to the top, it's really fast to catch up on all your notes, in one place.

Quickly see what's changed in a note with Differences. Rather than having to go back and forth between versions or rereading the entire note to figure out what's changed since you last opened it, you can now see all new updates highlighted inline in purple.

Immediately see who's been active in your notes with Presence. Whether it was for a quick review or to add content, it's simple to keep track of viewers and changes. You can also see everyone who's currently working in the note in a single view.

With pre-built Templates, organization and formatting is a breeze. Templates are perfect for when you need more structure than a free-wheeling brainstorm, like for meeting agendas or product specs. You can also create your own custom templates, so the note is optimized for the work you need to do. Either way, you now have a more consistent and repeatable way to get work done.

When the tools you use are as flexible as the way you work, then you can spend more time capturing and working together on ideas and less time organizing and searching for them. If you haven't already, give Box Notes a try and share any feedback or questions with the Box Notes team at [email protected].