From Floppy Disks to the Cloud: Biblica's Global Deployment of Box

One of the most amazing aspects of technology is the ability to connect to people all around the world. With services like cloud collaboration, companies are able to mobilize a global workforce, right from home. This is particularly important for companies like Biblica, the only worldwide publisher of the Bible, which has over 100 employees across 6 continents. We recently sat down with, Andrew Wilson, ECM Admin at Biblica, to hear his company's story of using Box to transition to the cloud.

It's a well-known fact that the Bible is the most read book in the world, which means that the text must be translated into many languages -- resulting in a lot of content. Biblica was founded in 1809, and its administrative processes prior to Box were very outdated: files were in cabinets, folders, and even on floppy disks.

The task at hand was simple: figure out a way to store all of that content in one place. Box offered a solution to that problem, and once it was deployed, the effect was massive: for the first time in 205 years, all of Biblica's staff was operating on one platform. Prior to Box, Biblica employees in various countries were essentially working in silos. After Box, employees in countries like Thailand could easily communicate with their counterparts across the world, resulting in more content sharing and communication than ever before. Biblica's move to the cloud was even the catalyst for a new program in which children in the U.S. could sponsor and donate money to children in Thailand — something that couldn't have happened if Biblica employees weren't working and communicating together.

Biblica is proof that seamless communication and collaboration can completely revitalize an organization -- even those that are over 200 years old.

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