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More data was created in 2019 than in the last 5,000 years combined and Gartner estimates that 80% of this data is unstructured. For businesses, this data resides in content such as loan documents, research files, legal contracts, videos and more. Having all of this information at your fingertips provides an incredible opportunity but an even greater challenge. You can generate new insights to push your business forward, but only if you securely and intelligently manage this explosion of content. What makes this challenge more complex is that content is never static, it’s in constant motion across your apps. 

As enterprises increasingly integrate with Box, we are opening up how content metadata is accessed in your business apps with the Metadata Query Toolkit for developers. The Metadata Query Toolkit allows applications to interact with Box metadata in real-time, find content with precise queries using a brand new API, and accelerate UI development involving metadata. 

Customers can quickly find and display Box content in any application based on specified metadata to manage a workflow or business process. Customers can also use specified metadata to apply Box's automated policy management tools like legal holds, data retention rules, or security classifications to protect their content.


Surface Box Metadata in your apps with the Metadata Query API

Metadata is at the center of how Box organizes content for secure collaboration and workflow. Box uses metadata to classify documents, automate business workflows and even apply retention policies. These capabilities are woven through the fabric of our product, augment critical customer needs and further improve how unstructured content in Box is organized at scale. 

Using Box Metadata to power your business content makes it easier to organize unstructured data at scale, and support automation based on business events, while keeping your content secure. We provide the developer tools to integrate Box content into other systems and automate laborious tasks while managing the complexity of infrastructure, scale, security and cross-organizational collaboration so customers don't have to. To get started, visit our developer blog that walks through a sample integration with the Metadata Query Toolkit. 

Additionally, if you wish to learn more about working with Box Metadata as a developer, check out our metadata quick start guide here.

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