Introducing a new Box and Google Partnership to Transform Work in the Cloud

Today, workers around the world spend over 60% of their time searching for, exchanging, and collaborating on information. As the number of applications we use, and the amount of content we work with, continues to increase, the time spent trying to find the right version of a document, searching for the last update someone worked on or making sure everyone's on the same page, only seems to go up. Right when we have an explosion of modern technology that can help us get more work done, we're being held back by the lack of seamless experiences between our applications and a common place where we can manage all of our information.

At Box, it's been our aim to solve this since day one. And at BoxWorks this year we've introduced an all new Box, where all of your work can come together in one place, no matter what applications you're using, who you're sharing with, or what device you're on.

And we're excited to take this vision further, by partnering with Google to make it even easier to work in the cloud. We're collaborating with Google on several initiatives to transform work in the cloud, starting with seamlessly integrating Box with Google Docs and Google Springboard, allowing you to bring together the best of Box's secure content management with Google's amazing productivity apps. Millions of our users and customers --from leading universities like Berkeley and University of Michigan to large global brands like Intuit and Genentech-- rely on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to collaborate in real-time on their data, and Box will soon be integrated as a secure way to manage and store your information.

With our new, deeper integration, Box will be able to serve as a content repository within Google Docs, including Sheets and Slides. People can create, open, edit, and collaborate on Google Docs directly from Box, and all changes will then be saved back to Box in real time. Whether collaborating on a contract or sales presentation, employees can leverage Google Docs’ robust editing and real-time collaboration capabilities to get their work done faster. Google Docs can also convert other file types like Microsoft Word documents or PDF files to a Google Doc for fast-paced content creation and collaboration.

With Box as the central content platform, admins can protect files wherever they go with robust security controls and reporting, customer-managed encryption, rights management, and mobile security. Granular user permissions enable employees to work closely with anyone inside or outside their organization, and custom workflows make tasks like employee onboarding and contract approvals more efficient by triggering file movement based on uploads and ownership.

Box and Google Springboard

Finding the right information at the moment you need it can be hard. From email to messaging apps to collaboration tools, we're in notification overload and communication sprawl is only getting worse. That's why we're excited to be working with Google Springboard, a tool that helps people get the right information they need faster. Springboard leverages Google's world-class, enterprise search technology to search across all of your information in Google Apps, including Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and soon Box. We're looking forward to giving our joint customers the opportunity to leverage unified search for all their important information in the cloud.

By partnering more closely with Google, we're excited to make it easier for thousands more customers to work and transition to the cloud.

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