Introducing Box Zones: Building a Global Cloud

Today, businesses in every industry and of every size are facing an unprecedented change. Employees are more mobile, processes are more collaborative and digital, and enterprises are facing all new challenges around cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory compliance. At Box, it’s our mission to help these organizations transform the way they work, even in the face of all this complexity. And we’re proud to now work with over half of the Fortune 500 and 57,000 companies globally.

But not every company has been able to move to the cloud as aggressively as they would like. Barriers still remain for some of the largest or most regulated global enterprises. For instance, hospitals in France or financial services firms in Germany face strict regulations around where their files are stored, leaving them with a limited set of options, and keeping many of these enterprises stuck on legacy infrastructure.

That's why we're incredibly excited to announce Box Zones: a breakthrough technology providing in-region data storage with Box, and raising the bar for privacy and control in the cloud. Box Zones enables businesses around the globe to adopt Box as their modern content management platform, while letting them store their data in the region of their choice, starting with Germany, Ireland, Singapore or Japan, in partnership with IBM and Amazon.

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Box Zones will allow our existing customers to implement Box across more parts of their organizations and standardize all of their most valuable content on our platform. And it will allow many non-US businesses to adopt Box for the first time and transform the way they work while alleviating some common data residency concerns.

Box Zones is a breakthrough technology providing in-region data storage with Box, and raising the bar for privacy and control in the cloud

How we did it

Box Zones has been a key focus of our engineering team for the past couple of years, with the core goal of separating our application and service from how and where we store encrypted files. Box Zones, and its corresponding architecture affords us the flexibility to leverage both our own data centers and select cloud partners to accelerate our footprint in new geographies.

With Box Zones, we're partnering with two world-class global companies, IBM and Amazon, to provide our customers with storage infrastructure at unparalleled reach and scale. Over time, you will see us enter more regions throughout (and beyond) Europe and Asia, and potentially open up to other partners in the future.

Box will continue to operate our own data centers in the US, but Box Zones is a powerful extension of our infrastructure that will help us expand to more places faster. Best of all, it's fully transparent to the user (and enterprise).

Removing barriers to cloud adoption

Our vision at Box is to enable any business, of any size, anywhere in the world to be as productive and collaborative as possible. One by one, we've been removing the barriers to cloud adoption and unlocking the benefits of working in the cloud.

In the past year alone we announced a new add-on package, Box Governance, which allows businesses to set retention policies and meet compliance requirements. We introduced Box KeySafe, a service that allows customers to manage their own encryption keys protecting their data. Meanwhile, Box has partnered with services like Office 365 and Salesforce, to build deep integrations that allow you to centralize your content on Box and access it in the other applications you use to get work done.

Box Zones raises the bar again for what it means to deliver true flexibility and choice in the cloud.

For more information on how your business can get started with Box Zones, email [email protected] and sign up for our upcoming webinar.

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