Embracing Diversity and Empowering Families: The FAB Employee Resource Community at Box

Our company is built on people: We call ourselves Boxers. “Boxers” come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, and each of us have a unique story to tell. At Box, we have a wide variety of Employee Resource Communities (ERCs) that are employee-led affinity groups that support a culture of belonging and elevate the needs and experiences of underrepresented communities. Available both remotely and across office locations, ERCs bring Box culture and values to each region while remaining inclusive of Boxers worldwide.

At Box, we recognize the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for our Boxers. That's why we created the Families at Box (FAB) ERC to provide an invaluable support system for employees with families or those interested in family-related topics.

Connecting, educating, and advocating

The mission of FAB is simple: to connect, educate, and advocate for every Boxer through every stage of their family's journey. We understand that each employee has unique needs when it comes to balancing work life with familial responsibilities; we also understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, and the word “family” can carry different meanings for individual Boxers. That’s why FAB aims to provide community belonging by fostering connections among all of our Box families, through events like our Family day and monthly coffee chats where we bring in guest speakers or co-sponsors from our partners in other Box ERC’s.

At FAB, diversity takes center stage; diverse voices are celebrated as they share experiences about what makes their respective families special. Whether you're a new parent navigating work-life balance or seeking advice on raising children while pursuing your career goals, FAB has your back!

Learning opportunities

One remarkable aspect about FAB is its commitment to integrating Box's core values into its activities seamlessly. By aligning with the overall company culture while addressing family-centric concerns specifically, this ERC creates an atmosphere where everyone feels connected not just professionally but personally too. FAB helps advocate for family benefits such as Modern Health which now extends to dependents, family forming benefits, adoption, milk transport, to name a few.

Through workshops, seminars, webinars, and guest speaker sessions organized by FAB throughout the year, employees gain valuable insights into parenting techniques, managing work-life balance effectively,and more.

Family Day at Box: acelebration like no other

"Family Day" is FAB’s largest annual event. On Family Day, we invite Boxers to bring their grandparents, friends, parents, spouses, partners, kids, nieces, nephews — whoever they call “family” — to celebrate andexperience firsthand what it means to be part of the vibrant community here at Box.

Throughout the day, on-site and remote Boxers and their families get to participate in fun activities like Box Bingo, Box Scavenger hunts,get a first hand look at what Boxers do, and most importantly, come together to celebrate families at Box.

Box Family
Box Family
Box Family
Box Family

Whether it's celebrating Family Day at Box or participating in regular meetups virtually or on-site, FAB aims to foster connections among all of our Box families while providing valuable learning opportunities to ensure that our Boxers are able to bring their ___ self to work each day and truly Make Mom* proud.

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