E-signatures for everyone - Box Sign now included in Box individual plans

E-signatures for everyone

Each time a pen is put to paper to sign a printed document, we think how much simpler and more efficient the whole process could be if every contract were digitized. On a macro scale, we are reminded of the larger environmental impact that using paper documents and mailing them around has on our carbon footprint. On a smaller scale, while it's become the norm to opt for paperless e-statements and save boarding passes on our phones, many businesses still don't provide us with the ability to sign electronically. We realize it’s incredibly convenient to sign from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, and especially easy to organize and retrieve signed documents online. Simply put, now more than ever, we feel the need to embrace digitization and e-signatures as the norm in life and work.

To that end, Box is excited to announce that we’ve added Box Sign e-signature capabilities to our Individual (free) and Personal Pro accounts, so every one of our customers can take advantage of native e-signatures.

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Whether you’re a freelance photographer who wants paperwork to be the last thing between you and your photoshoots, a small business owner running your family-owned store in town, or a busy parent who wants to electronically sign and send back the field trip consent form your kid brought home from school, Box Sign has you covered.

In our individual plans, you get ample cloud storage, the ability to securely share and easily collaborate with anyone, built-in integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and now e-signatures included at no additional cost, so you can transact digitally. Even if you already use a standalone e-signature tool, you can save yourself the hassle of logging in and uploading documents to yet another service, and later digging through your inbox to find signed documents. Box gives you secure, seamless e-signatures right where your content lives.

Rich set of e-sign features

With Box Sign, Individual and Personal Pro plan users get a rich set of e-signature features, including the ability to:

  • Sign and send a document, or request for signatures
  • Add standard fields - such as name, signature, date, initials, checkboxes etc.
  • Receive notifications and send reminders
  • View document status real-time, with an audit trail
  • Create a signing order, so signers can sign in sequence or in parallel
  • Have recipients sign on desktop, tablet or phone

Individual plans come with the ability to send up to 5 documents out for signature per month, and Personal Pro users can send up to 15 documents per month.

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Personal Pro users can also take advantage of several ease-of-use and security features including:

  • Unlimited Box Sign templates - to save and reuse standard documents like invoices, receipts, inventory orders etc.
  • Password protection for documents - to add an extra layer of security for documents containing sensitive information
  • Signer verification via SMS - to enforce two-factor authentication and make transactions more secure
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Check out this article to see a full list of features by plan. If you need more e-signatures or more advanced features, we got you covered with our business plans (Business and above) where we offer unlimited signatures.
With secure storage, sharing, collaboration, built-in integrations, and now e-signatures, Box has evolved into a powerhouse productivity suite for all your individual and small business needs. And there’s more coming soon - visual collaboration and whiteboarding capabilities with Box Canvas.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of native e-signatures and make life easier for you, your business and the planet. Log in to your Box account or sign up now.