Do your best work with Box's new UI and Collections


We've shifted the way we work. With different ways to collaborate and connect, and tech stacks that allow us to do incredible work from anywhere, the enormous benefits of our new digital workspace are clear. However, more tools, more channels, it can be difficult for users to do their jobs effectively.

At Box, we are accelerating creativity and productivity by minimizing clutter and disorganization in the digital workspace, and that's why we are excited to bring our new, streamlined user experience to all Box users. Designed for simplicity and usability, the new Box UI maximizes personal productivity by enabling users to work quickly and with confidence, while providing new opportunities for intuitive organization.

A Refreshed User Experience

With the redesigned UI, we've made a series of impactful changes based on the actions and workflows of our users that, when combined, make a huge impact. The result is distraction-free access to digital workplace essentials so your users can easily navigate, collect, and bring order to their content. 

Key UI enhancements include:

  • A reprioritized action bar to make it even easier to work with content
  • A refreshed look and icons to make the experience more readable and easier to navigate
  • Reduced page load times enabling users to get to their work in half the time

A New Way to Organize

Collections empowers users to personalize how they organize and make sense of their content, making it even easier to do their best work in Box. Clutter, even in our digital workspace, is a time suck and forces us to constantly reassess what we need to do. Through organization and implementing new virtual work habits, we can boost productivity, reduce work-related stress, and save time.

Collections allows you to intuitively organize their files, folders, and bookmarks into logical groupings of their choice, name these groupings to provide clear and meaningful context, and quickly find the content they need right now across both web and mobile, all without impacting collaborators’ access to those items in Box.

Your users are busy. We get it. Whether they're working on the marketing team at a pharma company or in project management at a fintech company, they are dealing with multiple launches, projects, and deliverables. Support for individual work styles, like having the personalized folders they live in always available and accessible, encourages productivity, reduces work-related stress, and saves time. With Collections, users spend less time looking for things and more time doing the work that matters.


"I love the new web app for easy navigation and cleaner look and feel. My favorite new feature, Collections, made my life so much easier to organize and find files and folders more efficiently. And it’s so easy to use! I can’t wait to make the new Box available to everyone in my company!"-  Digital Brand Media Producer, Fortune 500 Global Retailer

The new Box UI and Collections are available today for all Box customers. If you're an admin, learn how to enable these new updates and empower your users to be more productive and do their best work.