Content Insights: See the true impact of your content

Content Insights

At the center of all work is content. It's everything your teams create: the spreadsheets, slides, PDFs, images, videos, wireframes, and much much more. It's where innovative new ideas are captured and important data is stored. It's how your employees, partners, and customers stay connected. Content IS your business, but do you understand how it is being used and the impact it has?

Insights lie at the heart of any successful enterprise, and they apply to more than just your content marketing strategy. They ensure that all your content creation efforts, even those directed at internal teams, are worth the time and effort you put in. However, data insights reports often take time to compile, sometimes require admin access, and can be difficult to understand.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Content Insights, which elevates Box access stats with a complete redesign. Content Insights shows how each individual piece of content is being consumed, who’s using it (both internally and externally), and when it is being accessed. With Content Insights you can:

  • Measure engagement with content views and downloads

  • Track performance over time with one-click views

  • See who is accessing the content and how it’s being used

Content Insights before and after

Plus, with easy-to-understand visualizations, you gain a clear, at-a-glance picture of content performance and engagement, so you can better understand your content’s efficacy and make content-related decisions based on facts, not guesswork.

As digital transformation accelerates, and organizations put content strategies in place, they need ways to ensure the content they create is meeting their goals. Here are three easy ways to put Content Insights to work for you:

Track viewer engagement on a contact level

Remember that sales presentation or human resources manual you created? With Content Insights you can see who previewed or downloaded the file and when they accessed it. These insights are useful in so many ways, but are especially helpful in determining what content is working and when to reach out to your audience.

Optimize content for your audience

When you create and distribute a presentation or report, you want it to get as much traction as possible. Let’s say you check the Content Insights and find very few people have seen it. Knowing this, you may choose to tweak, finesse, or rework the content so it’s more compelling for people to open.

Make insights actionable

With the right insights, you can drive everything from improving sales and customer engagement to influencing product decisions to increasing brand awareness. Use Content Insights to surface the content that drives the most business value and proves bottom-line results.

When it comes to content, we’re always working to refine, improve, and show value. Content Insights translates data into measurable results and helps you demonstrate the value of your content.

Put Content Insights to work for you today. Check out our support article to learn more.

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