Connecting the Box Content Cloud with your business processes in ServiceNow

Box and ServiceNow

The modern workplace requires a series of connected, innovative tools that range from productivity to workflow. That's why we've focused on building out our partner ecosystem, with over 1,500+ partner integrations that allow information to be accessed within Box and in third-party applications. These integrations focus on making collaboration and workflows more seamless so that users can focus on getting work done, no matter which apps they wish to use. 

Today, Box is excited to announce a new integration with ServiceNow, and further accelerate content process automation for your enterprise. With the Box Content Cloud, enterprises have a single, secure platform that unifies content across all compatible applications. We're proud to be the strategic Content Cloud for ServiceNow, as we enable our joint customers to have one source of truth for content across workflows.

Box's ongoing relationship with ServiceNow

Box has prioritized several points of integration with ServiceNow, including the Box spoke for the ServiceNow IntegrationHub, which launched in 2018. This feature automates your common content processes with just a few clicks. The Box spoke features over 20 Box actions (including Upload File, Add Collaborator, or Add Metadata to File) that can be leveraged to build content-driven workflows in ServiceNow. These actions can be triggered from within ServiceNow to accelerate day-to-day business processes and dramatically boost employee efficiency.

Centralizing all your ServiceNow content in Box helps to improve content management, visibility, and tracking. It also protects your content with Box’s enterprise grade security while ensuring compliance with any regulations and requirements.

Box integration with ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery

Available today, Box and ServiceNow have released a pre-built integration that connects Box with ServiceNow's Legal Service Delivery. ServiceNow's Legal Service Delivery modernizes legal workflows, allowing users to eliminate silos and manual steps to make faster decisions. With this new integration with Box, users can leverage Legal Service Delivery to complete their legal workflows, and any content related to that workflow can be securely stored in Box, keeping all sensitive legal documents safe.

To access the Box integration with ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery, visit the ServiceNow Store.