Building Mobile Field Worker Enablement Apps with Box Platform, Kony, and Amazon Web Services at Amazon Re:Invent

At Amazon Re:Invent, Box joined Kony and Amazon Web Services on stage during the “AWS Mobile State of the Union - Serverless, New User Experiences, Auth, and More” session. Box and Kony conducted a live demonstration of a mobile field worker enablement application developed using the latest features from Amazon Web Services Cognito, DynamoDB, and Lambda, in conjunction with Clarifai’s Image Recognition API, Kony’s mobile app development tools, and Box Platform’s content management and collaboration APIs.

At Box, we’ve spent the past decade building our leading enterprise content platform leveraged by 69,000 businesses and millions of business users worldwide. With the launch of Box Platform last year, we’re reaching beyond knowledge workers and helping companies integrate Box’s secure content management and collaboration capabilities into any custom application they build, whether it be for their employees, customers, or partners.

One of the key areas we’ve seen a tremendous demand for Box’s Platform is in field worker enablement; for example, risk engineers and claims processing agents in insurance, independent financial advisors working for large financial institutions, retail store sales associates, factory workers, construction workers, and much more. Field employees depend on access to content that helps them do their jobs, and customers and knowledge workers alike benefit from field workers being able to seamlessly generate content and initiate business workflows.

AWS reInvent Mobile State of the Union

At Amazon Re:Invent, Amazon Web Services’ annual conference in Las Vegas, we joined Kony, an enterprise mobile app development platform, and Amazon Web Services, two of our key partners, on stage during the “AWS Mobile State of the Union - Serverless, New User Experiences, Auth, and More” session to discuss how we’re making the development and deployment of mobile field worker applications even easier.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services including Cognito, DynamoDB and Lambda, Kony’s rapid mobile application development tools, Box Platform’s APIs, and Clarifai’s image recognition API, we were able to quickly build and deploy an enterprise-ready field worker enablement application. Among many other capabilities, the application allows field workers to capture photos in the field, let’s say of a piece of machinery. The images are then processed by Clarifai’s image recogition API and, once identified, the specific content related to that piece of machinery from Box. Moreover, using Box’s advanced content rendering technologies, the content can range from static PDF specs to immersive and interactive 3D models that can be rendered directly in the application using the Get Embed Link endpoint of the Box API. This entire process was orchestrated using Kony’s development tools, and then deployed to Amazon Web Services as Lambda functions.

Here is a high-level walkthrough of how these different services interact in the application:

AWS, Box

Building enterprise-grade applications is no simple task. Luckily, businesses and developers have a catalog of application development services and third-party API platforms, like Box Platform, to allow them to integrate different functionality into their applications, allowing them to focus on their core competency and building compelling user experiences.

You can stop by booth #2641 in the Amazon Re:Invent Expo Hall to learn more about how you can integrate Box Platform’s secure content management and collaboration APIs into your applications.