Bring intelligence to your Box content in Teams and Microsoft 365

We’re excited to share that Box for Microsoft Copilot, via the Box connector for Microsoft Graph, is now generally available. 

Last year, we announced a deepening of our collaboration with Microsoft to bring intelligence to Box content across our integrations with Microsoft 365. Customers can use the existing Box connector to bring their Box data into Microsoft Graph and access content across Microsoft 365 intelligent experiences, such as Microsoft 365 App, Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, Bing at Work, and SharePoint Online.

This latest enhancement, makes it easy for users to access their Box content and gain insights through interactions with Microsoft Copilot. 

Box users that have content across Microsoft 365 and Teams, Box can leverage this new integration to save time with actions such as:

  • Quickly synthesizing and summarizing shared Box documents and draw insights from collaborators.
  • Asking questions about shared content to derive major milestones in an existing project. 
  • Quickly catching up on conversations and new learnings without needing to scroll through files, chats, and channels.

Example: Box for Microsoft Copilot in Teams

Box for Microsoft Copilot in Teams

Experience the full power of Box embedded in Teams and other apps

Box AI for Embed enables teams to gain quick insights from their Box content from within Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, NetSuite, or anywhere Box is embedded. The Box Embed Widget gives customers the ability to embed files and folders from their account page onto any website, blog, or social networking service that supports HTML iframe embed code.

Box Embed Widget

Work smarter with Box integrations across Teams and Microsoft 365

Together, Box already offers a range of integrations with Microsoft to enhance user productivity and collaboration for our joint customers. Earlier this year, we announced a new integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI to bring its advanced large language models to Box AI. In addition, over the past decade plus, we’ve built a number of integrations with Microsoft Office and Teams to enhance productivity and collaboration for our joint customers including:

  • Teams: Streamline collaboration by accessing and sharing Box content directly in Teams channels or chats.
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint: Easily access, create, edit, and collaborate together on Box files in real-time on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint across desktop, web, and mobile, with all edits auto-saved to Box.
  • Outlook: Eliminate the risks and hassle of email attachments by converting outbound attachments to Box shared links and maintain version control by saving incoming attachments to Box from any device.
  • Box connector for Microsoft Graph: Search for and access Box content from within the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Microsoft 365 App, Copilot for Microsoft 365, Bing at Work, SharePoint Online.

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