Virtual Volunteers stand ready to help you

We know the last few weeks have been overwhelming and challenging for many of our nonprofit partners.  And we've been listening to you, to better understand how we might be able to support you and activate our Boxers (our Box employees) in an effective and safe way, knowing you've seen volunteering taper off.

In addition to making more resources available to support your ease of use and success on Box, we've expanded our skilled volunteering program to be more widely available for our nonprofits and also to cover more broad types of skills and projects. A little over a year ago, we launched the Coaching Corps, a program focused on helping nonprofits better understand how to use Box. With the recent increased need for remote work, we have expanded our program and rebranded as Virtual Volunteers. We will continue to have all of our existing volunteers to help with Box Cloud Content Management specific coaching, but also now with the added opportunity for any Boxer to set up a profile to share their range of skills -- pursuing volunteer translation, coding, marketing strategy, excel, and more. If there is a specific skillset or need you have within your organization, please let us know here so we can continue to create a more robust marketplace of skills.

So far, we've seen requests for best practices on running a virtual event, support on getting ramped up on Box, and consultation on architecture design. If you're interested in connecting with one of our virtual volunteers, see below to get started.

1. Visit our Virtual Volunteers site (we've kept the original Coaching Corps URL for now)

2. Choose "Find a volunteer" in the top navigation bar.

Virtual Volunteers

3. Search by the skillsets you are looking for:

Virtual Volunteer

4. Once you choose the skillset, such as "Web Development", you will be directed to the page with volunteers who have those skills:

Virtual Volunteers

5. From there, click on a volunteer to view their profile. You'll be able to learn more about them to see if they are the right fit for what you are looking for. If it is, you can hit the "Request a Session" button to schedule time to meet with them.

Virtual Volunteers

6. You'll be asked to either Sign In (if you are a returning user) or to Sign Up. If this is your first time using our Virtual Volunteers program, you'll need to sign up. This is separate from your Box login.

7. Once you sign in, you'll be prompted to fill out a form to share more about your needs and availability. This will be sent to the volunteer who will respond with their availability so you can set up a time to connect.

Virtual Volunteers

This is a brand new program for as we try to provide extra support for our nonprofit community during this challenging time.  We welcome your feedback. Do not hesitate to reach out to provide feedback and let us know what is helpful or can be improved.

If you have other virtual volunteering opportunities that you'd like to share with, please go to our contact us page and fill out the brief form. Select "Provide Volunteer Opportunities"and this will be sent to our team.

Virtual Volunteers

We stand with all of you in this time of uncertainty. We commit to listening and seeking advice on what nonprofits need most in order to inform our actions and responses.

Thank you,

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