Resources for our Nonprofit Community to handle the impact of COVID-19

We are in the midst of an unprecedented time in history. The impact of COVID-19 is reverberating across the globe and impacting individuals, families, organizations, and communities everywhere. We know this has been particularly devastating for the nonprofit community. While trying to continue focus on some of the world's biggest challenges and serve vulnerable populations, nonprofits are seeing funding sources dry up, events that provided the majority of their income cancelled, and in many cases, the need to suddenly pivot to a remote workforce for employees, affiliate and volunteers.

Box and stand with our nonprofit community in these challenging times. Below are some efforts we're focused on to support you -- our nonprofit friends -- as you navigate through some of these sudden changes.  We would also welcome your thoughts and ideas on what would be most helpful for you and your organization at this time. What are your biggest challenges? What are specific projects with which you could use assistance? Please feel free to share with us via the channels at the bottom of this post.

Resources for Nonprofits

To help you power your remote organization during this global health crisis, Box is offering the following resources, including offers, training classes, personal coaching and best practices guidance: 

Box Cloud Content Management (CCM) Platform:

  • In-kind access to the Box CCM platform for any nonprofit focused on research or services pertaining to COVID-19 response and mitigation (send an email to [email protected]).
  • Unlimited licenses on your current Box edition (business, business +, enterprise) until April 10, 2020 (simply follow the standard provisioning steps, learn more in this support article).
    • Note: This offer applies to nonprofits customers with $5K annual Box investment or higher.
  • Ongoing in-kind access for Starter edition of Box (this can be secured through our partner TechSoup - start here). 

Coaching on Box (and skilled virtual volunteering of any variety):

  • Our Box employee virtual volunteers are standing by to connect with you for complimentary personal coaching on your questions, usage and optimization of Box. There is no question too small or big! Create a login and sign up here, and we'll get you connected with a Box volunteer.

Best practices:

Free online training:

Employees and Philanthropy:

In addition to the resources outlined above, we've been energized by our employees reaching out and eager to assist and volunteer during this challenging time. And we're working to match them with opportunities where they can help in large or small ways. In addition to the technology coaching opportunity referenced above, we're also ramping up Boxer volunteers who can offer skills, such as translation, marketing, finance and more. Let us know if you're looking for a particular skill or have something to add to our curated project list! 

We'll be continuing to update a resource list of organizations in employee's local communities as well, that they can take advantage of.  

This week and members of our executive team will be making significant cash gifts to both local and global nonprofits to support their work. Box will also be matching our employee donations to their communities to magnify the impact. We'll be sharing more details this week. Finally, we continue to work closely with our partner organizations including #ImpactCloud, Pledge 1% and others to come together with our peer companies to support our communities and the critical work of nonprofit organizations at this critical juncture. You'll find updates at with more information before week's end.

We look forward to hearing from you on additional ideas and thoughts. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, in addition to your organizations, during this time. Don't underestimate the power of three deep breaths or a quick walk around the block (remaining six+ feet apart from others, of course!)  We're all in this together, and as always, we're grateful for your inspiring work and #moregoodtogether in the days ahead. 

Learn more about and our mission at Contact us here. Follow on Twitter and LinkedIn to see what we're up to, and learn more about inspirational nonprofits we're fortunate to partner with. #moregoodtogether

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