Boxer Spotlight: Sally Hamdan, Senior Customer Success Manager

Boxer Spotlight

At Box, we believe great ideas can come from anywhere in the company. We enable Boxers to own and drive their careers, supporting them in any path.In this new series, we are excited to spotlight Boxers across EMEA, at various stages in their careers, to showcase what #LifeatBox is all about.With that, we’re excited to introduce you to  Sally Hamdan, a Senior Customer Success Manager, based in Paris. 

Why did you choose Box?

I come from an HR and Training background - previously I was a customer education consultant and then a Senior Customer Success Manager. I felt that in order to evolve as a Customer Success professional I had to experience that same role in a different company. I had to leave my HR & recruitment comfort zone and embark on a new challenge. I was looking for a different company but clearly not just any. I wanted to join an American organization that was mature in the market, had a presence in France and a very strong company culture. Box ticked all the boxes :)

Today, one year into my role at Box, I feel I made the right move because I'm a better and a more open Customer Success professional.

Which Box value resonates most with you and why?

I was asked that same question in my last interview at Box and I immediately chose "Take risks, fail fast and GSD" (get s&*^ done) .  I hate procrastinating and sometimes find prioritizing a challenge as I want to do it all straight away! The more challenging the task, the more I want to get it done with. I joined Box in November and only 3 months into my role I won the GSD award at the global Customer Success all-hands. This demonstrates to me that Box as an organization wishes to empower employees to use their own talents and initiative. 

How have you grown since joining our Customer Success Team? 

At Box, I have learned a lot about building strategic relations with service owners and IT leaders. I rarely had the time to do that at previous companies as I was very much user-education focused. Box allows me to understand everything about my clients; the workings of their organization, their business news and their stakeholder map. My role at Box provides me with a broader view as a Customer Success Manager. 

Another development area for me has been learning new tools. Coming from the HR realm, I do not have a technical background (only a psychology one :)). Now, thanks to my exposure to technology at Box, when I sometimes hear myself speak I get a moment of: "Is this me talking?" 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Customer Success?

First, join as many Customer Success communities as you can and learn how Customer Success differs between organizations. Also listen to podcasts, watch webinars and really understand the scope and variety that is out there. My second piece of advice would be, when choosing to join a company, make sure their view of Customer Success resonates with yours.  

What is the favourite part of your role ?

Definitelybuilding amazing relationships with my clients! I feel happy when I am bringing value to my clients, whilst building an authentic and candid relationship. 

…and your biggest challenges?   

The biggest challenge is working in a company that is playing in the same field as big competitors, such as Microsoft & Google.  Box is the best in Cloud Content Management but we are not the only one in this space.  We have to get even more creative and strategic to set ourselves apart. 

Alongside your day job you are also a Box Chief Fun Officer - what does this involve?

I meet regularly with the other Chief Fun Officers (there are 18 across the globe, responsible for different regions) and plan social and recognition activities for the team in EMEA every quarter. This includes brainstorming on themes, ideas, planning our budget and working with providers. We organize a variety of events from daily meditation sessions, to pre-covid office parties, to post-covid virtual mixology classes. In this role, I feel part of a global community. These meetings offer me a great opportunity to interact with Boxers in different roles, different offices and with different perspectives. 

Thank you, Sally, for taking the time to be a part of our Boxer Spotlight series. We look forward to seeing what you'll do next at Box!