Boxer Spotlight: Natasha brings her quirky self to work

"Bring Your _______ Self to Work" is an important pillar of our Box culture. We're a pretty mixed bag of different backgrounds and values around here, so the blank is different for each Box employee. In this series, we'll interview one of our own to give you a look at our diverse family of Boxers around the world. Our Boxer this week is Natasha Srinivasan, a Corporate Account Executive based out of our San Francisco office.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at Box.
I am currently a Corporate AE and have been at Box for about 2.5 years. In fact, I actually moved from NYC to SF specifically to work for Box! I am pretty basic when it comes to my interests aka traveling, rec leagues, hiking, wine, and of course, dad jokes.

How does what you do contribute to the success of Box?
I support the Midwest region and it takes a lot of handholding, but it is really rewarding when a customer has that ah-ha moment around cloud content management. I like to think that I am reshaping how those people work and when they are lagging on the tech front, it is great to get them thinking in a more innovative way.

What has been your most exciting win at Box?
My most exciting win was with a global consulting firm. The deal has been in the works from my first month working at Box and ended in 2017 when I switched territories. Initially, I did a small seed deal for 50 seats and got them to move away from their legacy solution. The next step was to go enterprise wide and box out competitors. This deal culminated with them adding Governance and Relay as well by involving their LOBs. So it was great to take them through the CCM journey! It was not always easy, but I was able to get those wins with the help of the Box family!

What has been the high point of your career?
High point of my career was closing a huge quarter in January 2018. I had been working several large deal cycles and it felt beyond incredible to close them all out one after another. I put on my MM hat and it helped me to stay focused and get the deals done and I believe that is due to my career development and working with my amazing managers.

What do you love about Box as a product? Why do people buy it?
I love Box because it gets the job done. At my previous company, it was an absolute nightmare trying to get proposals made or even find previous documents necessary to get deals done with customers. When we got Box licenses, it was the first tool that actually made my job easier and I immediately fell in love with the solution and why I campaigned so hard to work here. Box has only improved and that is why companies continue to buy and roll out Box!

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, what's been the most difficult challenge?
I have had a Central/MW territory for my entire tenure at Box and that has by far been the toughest challenge. It has taken a lot of patience and hard work, but it also makes it more meaningful when deals come to fruition.

Aaron is such a core part of this company. Do you have a fun memory to share?
When I first interviewed over at the Los Altos HQ, I happened to run into Aaron prior to my round of interviews and I just shouted out "hey Aaron." He looked at me with a confused expression on his face as if he was trying to pin how he knew me. I quickly informed him that he did not know me (... yet) and mentioned how I was about to interview. He mentioned how the panel was a bunch of great guys and he wished me luck and now here I am... 2.5 years later - so thanks, Aaron!

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