Workflow, simplified: the all new Box Relay

The all new Box Relay

Think about some of the most important processes every organization deals with: on-boarding a new customer, contract approvals, policy renewals, project plans, and many many more. These processes have a few things in common: they deal with content; they're deeply collaborative; they're often repetitive; and they're embedded in every part of the business (from sales and marketing to finance and HR). The bad news is that these processes today are not served very well by existing workflow technologies.

The good news is that these are exactly the types of processes Box was built to automate. We're 100-percent focused on transforming how you work with content, and today we are announcing a completely reimagined Box Relay to bring workflow automation around content up to date in the enterprise.  

Here's what you need to know about the new Relay:

New, powerful functionality essential to core business processes. Whether it's a simple approval flow or sophisticated parallel work-streams triggered from metadata inputs, Relay has you covered. Leveraging a simple 'if this then that' automation engine, its flexible interface and range of input and output options allows users to automate a variety of content-driven processes. Workflows can be triggered by more than 20 events, ranging from a task completion, a file upload, or a changed metadata attribute. Outcomes are similarly diverse, acting on folders, files, tasks, and metadata templates. Relay allows both sequential and parallel flows, so steps can happen in a predetermined order, or simultaneously. 

The all new Box Relay

Simple to use, empowering automation across the organization. It provides an intuitive, no-code builder so both IT and business users can easily set up automated workflows directly inside of Box. It is tightly integrated with our new task service, so automated and ad-hoc tasks can be managed in the same place. What if your workflow contains external parties – like contractors, new hires or vendors? Collaborating with them is as simple as adding their email address.

Improved visibility and access controls. With an updated dashboard with real-time visibility into workflow history, process owners can see who created, updated or deleted workflows, with an exportable audit history to streamline reporting requirements. Admins can also elect specific users to create, edit and manage their own workflows.

Tighter integration in Box: Rebuilt from the ground up on Box, Relay now inherits all the benefits of the Box Cloud Content Management platform, including advanced security and compliance, rich Box Platform APIs, prebuilt productivity integrations like Slack, O365 and DocuSign, and user-friendly collaboration features like automatic push notifications across mobile and web.

The all new Box Relay is in private beta and will be generally available in late June 2019. Relay will be available in both a paid and a free Relay ‘Lite' version.

We can't wait for you to bring workflow and automation to your business. It's all about impact: less time wasted, less money spent, better results, and deeper customer relationships. To learn more about what you can do with the all new Box Relay and see it in action, join our deep dive virtual webcast on June 5, 2019.