Box partners with Hiring Our Heroes to support those who have served

Hiring our Heroes

At Box, we are committed to supporting those who have served. To bring this to life, the Box Vets Employee Resource Community (ERC), recruiting team, and sales team, worked together to launch the Hiring Our Heroes Program at Box. As a result of this partnership, we are proud to announce the completion our first military corporate fellowship program at Box.

Hiring Our Heroes is a 12-week fellowship program that enables transitioning service      members to fully immerse themselves in the corporate world while still active in their military role. Through the fellowship program, service members gain valuable hands-on experience and training to support a smoother transition to civilian careers.

Peter Seidule, a former Army Officer and current Account Executive on the Federal Sales Team, introduced the Hiring Our Heroes program to Box in November 2020. As a Hiring Our Heroes graduate himself, Peter knew firsthand how instrumental this opportunity was in setting him up for success. Peter completed his Hiring Our Heroes fellowship at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Dallas in 2018. Motivated to help other Vets experience the same seamless transition, Peter lobbied to start the program at Box shortly after being hired as an Outbound Business Representative in 2019.

Last January, Dylan Cox and Shea Mullins became Box’s first Hiring Our Heroes fellows. Dylan and Shea, both Army Officers and West Point graduates, made significant contributions during the course of their three-month fellowship. Since their separation from military service, Dylan and Shea have accepted their offers to join Box as Outbound Business Development Representatives and became official Boxers last month! 

Here’s a closer look into what the Corporate Fellowship Experience at Box was like for Shea.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Shea Mullins and I am from Long Island, New York. I have a brother Kieran and a sister Reagan who are both still in college. I also have a bulldog named Ralphie who loves stealing my shoes and sleeping. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, snowboarding and playing sports.    

In which branch of the military did you serve and what were your roles?

I attended West Point where I was a member of the lacrosse team. After West Point, I commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer. I had assignments in Oklahoma, Georgia and recruiting for the New York City Recruiting Battalion.

What did your Hiring Our Heroes fellowship experience look like at Box?

I cannot say enough good things about the Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship at Box. I was brought in as an Outbound Business Rep (OBR) on the sales team. My job is to reach out to find new potential customers for Box in partnership with my Account Executives.

I had the opportunity to participate in the fellowship with my friend and former Army basketball player, Dylan Cox, which made the experience even better. The first thing that stood out to me when joining Box is how welcoming and helpful everyone is. I have not seen this in any other organization that I have been a part of. The OBR training program did an excellent job at preparing us for success. This was key when it came time to start working towards a quota and helping our AEs hit their quota as well.

How has the mentorship you received from the Box Veterans ERC and Box community helped you transition to your new career here at Box?

On day 1, the Box Veterans ERC reached out to both Dylan and me as a resource to help with our transition. I have to give a special shout out to Peter Seidule, Account Executive (former Army Field Artillery Officer), and Jack Morrow, Solutions Engineer (US Naval Academy grad and former Naval Officer) who personally took time out of their busy days to mentor us throughout the transition. Peter also set up a "Box Vets - Mentorship Hour" every Thursday with participation from different vets at Box.

How did your military experience prepare you for your career in tech?

I would say the biggest trait I picked up from the military is the mindset of getting the job done. In the military, you are expected to accomplish the mission no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Similarly, the tech industry is incredibly dynamic and innovative, and being able to adapt quickly and get the job done is so important.    

What attracted you to Box and ultimately choose to work here?

When you look at any successful organization, you expect to find great people and a great culture. I was blown away by the culture at Box and the way that everyone embraces the company values. I could just tell during my interview that this was a place I wanted to work and be a part of.

What has surprised you the most about working at Box?

I was surprised by how much pride the employees of Box have in the product. People are fully invested in the Box brand and truly want this company to continue to be successful.

Thank you Shea for sharing your story! To learn more about #LifeatBox, visit our Careers Page.

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