Box + Office 365 Is the Modern Dynamic Duo

Office With Superpowers: Top 5 Features for IT Teams

With the latest blockbuster superhero movie in theaters, it got me thinking about the real-life superheroes in business: IT teams.

The modern enterprise is changing faster than a bespectacled reporter in a phone booth. Your IT team needs to transform to digital in a flash. You need bulletproof security with no hidden weaknesses. You need to find effective, user-friendly solutions that the citizens of your corporate Metropolis will actually use – and you definitely wouldn’t like them when they’re angry.

You’re looking to become a true IT superhero, but let’s put down the radioactive spider. Box has an easier – and painless – solution.

You need Office with superpowers: Box + Office 365.

Office 365 may seem like a familiar, mild-mannered productivity suite – but when it joins forces with Box, it transforms into a caped collaborator ready to defend your organization’s intellectual property.

Here are five ways that Box + Office 365 is a secure, scalable solution helping IT teams save the day:

1. It’s like wearing a power ring that makes everyone productive.
Box + Office 365 helps people work how and where they want. End users can create, open and edit Office files anywhere, on any device, for seamless collaboration across all teams.

2. It’s like being faster than a speeding data breach.
Box + Office 365 protects your content without keeping you from it. Enterprise-level security is built into Box, yet allows for granular levels of control and oversight – even when sharing information outside your business.

3. It’s like getting awesome gadgets from the world’s coolest butler.
Box + Office 365 does the busywork so you can get back to work. It helps you automate common tasks and create simple, repeatable processes so you can streamline workflows, shorten cycle times, reduce errors and boost communication.

4. It’s like having X-ray vision – with lasers. And maybe sharks.
Box + Office 365 gives you complete transparency and reporting. The intuitive Box admin console gives you a centralized view of content across your entire organization, plus an end-to-end audit trail.

5. It’s like owning a utility belt with everything you need at your fingertips.
Box + Office 365 evolves your strategy with even more integrations. Box has created a strong partner ecosystem with over 1,400 integrated cloud applications. It’s a smart way to extend your content-management capabilities across Office – and beyond.

Most importantly, it’s time your organization knew the true identity of your IT team: superheroes carrying the company into the digital era of new work styles, while protecting everyone from the most villainous security threats. Box + Office 365 gives you that power.

Getting LOLcats down from file trees? You’re on your own.

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