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Box Feed

299,792,458 meters per second is the speed of work these days. Ok, I'm kidding, its actually the speed of light. But it sure is fast enough to make you want to camp out at a spa at the end of the day. Whether you are working on a blog post announcing an exciting product update or collaborating on a big presentation for a client meeting - you are creating, updating and sharing more than ever before. Keeping up with the latest isn't always easy.

Box has always been the place to seamlessly get work done, so why stop there? After seeing how much work you do in Box, we are excited to launch the public beta of Box Feed - a completely new way to discover and interact with the work you care about most. Leveraging machine learning, Box Feed keeps you up to date on the latest by surfacing files that are relevant to you, based on who you work with most. These could be files you’re working or collaborating on, or documents others have created you don’t even know exist, but should.  

Can you imagine? A place where you can see collection of the most relevant updates, personalized for you? No more sifting through folders and files to keep up to date on the latest - Box Feed is your new home base for collaboration and productivity. How Box Feed helps you:

Relevant content at your fingertips: You will see the most relevant content based on the people and files you work with most. When someone updates, shares, comments or accesses a file, it may appear in your feed, depending on your relationship with that person.

Work faster: There are a number of different actions you can take on each file that help you get your work done faster from the feed. You can preview, comment, share and favorite files for when you need them later. And, you will be able to access your "recent" files directly from within the feed.

Be in the know: Feed also showcases files that are trending across your organization whether that is a new expense policy or a flyer for the annual company picnic. You'll keep up to date on important files at the company level as well as the team level.

Get peace of mind: Feed respects existing user permissions on files so you never have to worry about private content showing up in the feed. 

Box Feed

What are you waiting for? Rather than needing to camp out at the spa every single day, with Box Feedyou'll likely only need to go on weekendsLearn more about the Feed Public Beta.

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