Box Employee Resource Community Spotlight: Pride

Box Pride

Our company is built on people: We call them Boxers. They come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, and each has a unique story to tell. At Box, we have a wide variety of Employee Resource Communities (ERCs) that are employee-led affinity groups that support a culture of belonging and elevate the needs and experiences of underrepresented communities. Available both remotely and across office locations, ERCs bring Box culture and values to each region while remaining inclusive of Boxers worldwide.

In this ongoing series, we’re going to highlight our incredible ERCs and the Boxers leading them. Up first, we’re highlighting Pride. Our Pride ERC is a community of support for LGBTQIA+ Boxers and allies, with the goal of leveraging the power and drive of Boxers to build a better community for all. Learn more about Pride@Box from Sam Carey (they/them), who is one of our Pride ERC leaders:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Sam (they/them), and I’ve been working at Box for just over two years. I’m based in Austin, Texas and my first role at Box was in Product Support. I then made the move into the Scaled Education Team where I’m focused on creating engaging educational content, like videos, webinars, and self-paced courses. I am also the Chair of Pride at Box!

What inspired you to join the Pride ERC at Box?

Initially, I just wanted to find the other trans folks here at Box, but I quickly realized that our programming could be so much more inclusive and intersectional. I’ve made it my mission to ensure that our programming centers those most in need of protection and celebration.

What are some activities you’ve enjoyed (or are looking forward) to for Pride month at Box?

I am excited for our reading session of “My Footprints” by Bao Phi. We partnered with both our Asian Pacific Islander and Families Employee Resource Communities for this event, and it isalso open to Baby Boxers! The picture book is SO CUTE, and follows the journey of Thuy, a Vietnamese American girl who is bullied for having two moms. On her walk home, Thuy imagines herself as different animals. I can’t wait to hear what our smallest participants think of it.

As we continue to see states try to advance bills that negatively target the LGBTQA+ community, are there any organizations you would you like to highlight for those looking to donate and/or volunteer?

Donating to small, and local organizations is always the best course of action! Big, national projects often have great funding, so it’s the small, grassroots organizations that need our help and dollars the most. A few of my personal favorite organizations here in Austin are:

  • Austin Gay and Lesbian Senior Services: An organization focused on providing open and accepting social services, training, resource guides, and advocacy to meet the unique needs of the LGBTQIA2+ older adult community.
  • Allgo: Allgo nurtures and celebrates queer people of color by building, educating, and mobilizing communities toward a just and equitable society.
  • Out Youth:Out Youth serves Central Texas LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies with programs and services to ensure these promising young people develop into happy, healthy, successful adults.

Learn more about #LifeatBox here.

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