Box Connector for Okta Workflows is now available!

For over 8 years, Box and Okta have partnered to provide simple yet powerful experiences for our joint customers to securely manage content and identity across their enterprise stack. Today at Oktane2020 Live, Okta announcedthe general availability of Okta Workflows along with a Box Connector. Now, in addition to augmenting Box deployments with Okta for single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, and account provisioning, customers can leverage the Box Connector for Okta Workflows to automate complex identity-centric processes associated with content -- without any code. Customers can simultaneously improve employee productivity and content security by creating workflows (or "flows") that automatically provide access to the right information to the right person at the right time. 

Okta Workflows enables customers to easily automate business processes right out of the gate with a number of pre-built flows. From the moment an admin turns on Okta Workflows, the admin will have access to 4 pre-built flow templates for Box, including the ability to create a user in Box and assign a personal folder and remove a user from Box and transfer files.


In addition to building flows with just Okta and Box, customers can leverage the Box Connector alongside connectors for other best-of-breed applications such as Slack, Zoom, and Salesforce. For example, when a new Engineer is onboarded, an admin may want to automatically create a Box account, add the user to an Engineering folder in Box, and then send a link for that folder via a Slack Direct Message that also welcomes the user to the Engineering team:


How does the integration work?

The Box Connector is comprised of two main elements: Events and Actions. Box is the content management provider with the most robust set of Events and Actions available for Okta Workflow.

Box Events 

A Box Event is the first card in a flow. A flow is initiated only if the Event occurs.


Box Actions

Once a flow begins, Box Actions can be triggered throughout a sequence with other third-party applications.


The breadth and depth of the Box Connector for Okta Workflows helps joint customers reduce manual tasks and custom code and ensure that content is accessed securely. Stay tuned for more updates on our partnership as we continue to develop productivity and security enhancements to this connector. We're just getting started!

Learn more about the Box + Okta partnership here, Okta Workflows here, and technical details for the Box Connector here. If you are interested in setting up some flows with the Box Connector, reach out to your Box account team.